My husband and I never got to the point where we made an exact itinerary for Scotland. Half of me felt it just wouldn’t be as fun if we did, and to be honest we never got around to it. The night before we left we decided it would be a good idea to have SOME sort of plan, so we threw out our main goals of what to see and do it that way. Considering the trip was a success, this was the best way (for us) to go!

Scotland tripOur high-tech planning tool: map from a Scotland guide (path in green). [click to continue…]


I have so much to say about Scotland, I don’t even know where to begin. To take the easy way out, it was more than I expected and better than I had hoped. And that’s including the stove incident, late-night retching, and adjusting to driving an enormous RV for the first time- on the opposite side of the car (and road) than we’re used to! Today I’m just going to dive in to the how & why to rent an RV through Scotland because it was by far and away one of the best vacations I’ve ever had (with or without my kids).

RV rental ScotlandBoys named it Bilbo Simpson Ritter. (?) [click to continue…]


I had never heard of Invader before my friend Ann and I went to London. We were on food tour of questionable quality at the time, and our guide was pointing out things of interest in the area. She told us about the anonymous street artist known as ‘Space Invader’ and pointed out his work on a corner. Interesting. ‘I’ll have to remember this and tell the boys’ I told myself. You know I forgot. Today I’ll jot down our experience seeking the Space Invaders in Paris so I don’t forget again.

Space Invader ParisOne of the last we ‘found’.  [click to continue…]


I’m Not Dutch But I Love King’s Day

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I do. I love it. In fact, I absolutely adore the whole damn thing. I was telling my friend Megan yesterday (it will be her first time in the NL on this holiday) that she is in for such a treat up in Den Hague. As if Blokker’s annual collection of corny knickknacks wasn’t enough to clue her in on the impending festivities…

King's DayA silly wall sconce I saw at Blokker [click to continue…]


As long as I can remember I have been a worrier. I worried about simple things as a kid- losing a set of markers, getting a bad grade on a test, troubles with adolescent friend triangles. As I grew up my worries grew right along with me and made me a cautious and skeptical adult. Once motherhood hit it was like the holy grail of worries came front and center. My entire life I’ve tried to push worrying away as my great-grandma taught me ‘Thoughts are things‘ or even more appropriate: ‘Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want‘. Well, here I am at 39 years old and sometimes it feels like worries still consume me.

kids in ParisTwo of the people that fill my tank. But they also drain it pretty quickly too. [click to continue…]


Over the weekend an unspeakable tragedy happened to someone I have cared about for a long time. Along with several friends I’ve had over the past seven years, I learned that a husband took his life leaving his young wife and small children behind. Words fail me at expressing how tremendous a shock this has been, and I am left at a loss for what to do or how to help. The only way I know how is to share, share and spread this story so that any and all assistance can go to helping Ashley and her family.

ashley capps

Ashley and I started our blogs about the same time. She had an insight that I lacked, and I often reached out to her for help. She taught herself how to build a successful, relatable and well-written website in the mom-blogging niche. Over time, she evolved as did her website. She started her own fitness and weight loss journey which inspired and encouraged thousands of people. I know she helped many in countless ways and it’s time that the blogging world come together to help her. [click to continue…]


Paris In A Day For The Unseasoned Traveler

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I do not consider myself an expert traveler. Sure, I have been to a few more places in Europe than the average American, but I’ve talked to and read those who make a living from traveling, and a ‘seasoned’ one I am not. That’s cool though- we’re all good at something and life isn’t one big competition. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes (and wins!) of others who have experienced whatever it is you’re doing, before you. Thus today- I’m here post-solo-day in Paris to share how I did it.

parisWhat a view from atop Notre Dame! [click to continue…]

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Story of The Runner & Original Marathon

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I did not know the history of the marathon before I went to Athens last fall. I was in a cab with my buddies Ann and SJ when we saw a huge glass statue as we drove by. I figured that today being a celebration of my husband and preparing to run the Paris Marathon on Sunday was as good a time as any to share it.

Runner AthensThe pic of the runner I took from the taxi (no, not the lady). [click to continue…]


Tulips & Towers: This Week In Travels

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We’ve had visitors in town this week- my mother in law is here as well as my husband’s uncles. Since they’ve all been to the Netherlands before, we decided to forego the ‘big cities’ tour and instead take them to lovely Keukenhof for the flower bonanza. Later this week we head to Paris for the marathon that they’re running (my husband and the uncles- definitely not myself or grandma!) and the weather looks to be quite delightful.


Still some room to improve- which I know it will with some more sunshine and warmth. It didn’t rain on us though- which is a great thing. Also the crowd on this ‘Second Easter Monday’ was definitely thinner than years’ past when we went on Queen’s Day and Easter Sunday last year.

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I’m a few days late with this post. Usually on the anniversary of finding out I was pregnant with twins I write up some kind of sentimental stroll down memory lane. It was such an intense shock, and indeed the following pregnancy so traumatizing- it was the most trying time of my life. That said, during the pregnancy I found a safe haven in Keep ‘Em Cookin– an online support forum for moms on bed rest. Today KEC needs some help so I’m doing what I can to spread the word.

newborn twinsLook at them! L on top, C on bottom. 4 days old.  [click to continue…]