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Nestled in the shadows of the Bearpaw Mountains, DaMory Diapers™ is a custom cloth diaper company. Our self-designed diapers are fun, functional and priced right.

Ah yes. Montana. I have a soft spot in my heart for Montana as I lived there a lifetime ago and can’t wait to take my family back.  I was given the opportunity to review a cloth diaper straight from Montana and couldn’t wait. I’ve been a cloth diapering mom for three years now- and feel like I have a handle on some of the ins and outs of cloth diapering in general.

Please keep in mind that a cloth diaper that works for you is going to depend on many, many variables that are specific to you, your family, the water in your area and even your washing machine…So while I am going to tell you how this diaper worked out for us, it doesn’t mean that’s how it is going to work for you. If you’re a first timer looking to buy a stash without sampling many different kinds- I can only urge you to always try one or two first- before plopping down a several hundred dollar investment.

I was sent a diaper from DaMory Diapers to try out on the twins. I used it for about a week and got a feel for how it fit into the rest of my stash. Do you do that? Do you have certain diapers for certain times or events? For example, I won’t put some diapers on the guys before a nap because I know they are going to leak. Also, there are others that they can’t wear under jeans because they give them too much ‘butt poof’. I used this diaper a few times on both of the guys and here’s what I thought:

I received a large fitted cloth diaper. It has velcro closures and gathered legs- the outer covering is not waterproof, so you would want to throw a cover on top of it. However- I didn’t realize this and just used it without the cover, and ta da! it still did not leak pee or otherwise!! I thought that it gave the twins a secure fit and felt comfortable enough to let them wear it when we went out of the house (the true test of a cloth diaper!).


The boys are currently 16 months old and weigh probably around 25-27lbs each. In my opinion, they will probably be able to wear it for a couple more months and then it will be retired as they will have gotten too big for it.


  • I loved how there weren’t any surprises leaking out of the sides! I am proud to say (and I realize I am tempting fate here) that we have never had a super blowout in a cloth diaper. In a disposable, YES- and it was awful, but not in a cloth dipe. So yay!
  • The price. These are very affordable! You can’t beat $15 & $16 for a quality cloth diaper. Note: she has a couple of really fantastic prices for 10 & 12 diaper bundles (plus free shipping!).
  • I liked the softness of the material and the slim appearance. Much less bulky that many in my stash.


  • Like I was saying, they seem to run just a titch small for me. Maybe it’s with the heat from the drier that shrinks them a bit, but if something is a large and my boys are outgrowing it by 16 months (mind you, they are totally average 16 month olds) then there would need to be an XL option too. As of now I do not see an XL.—-Which actually might be a plus if you’re in the market for newborn dipes! Many times I have had to wait to use cloth diapers because the boys were too small, so if you’re expecting a new little fry- these might be great for you).
  • Drying time may be a little longer. There are no removable inserts (which is also a plus in my book) to dry separately- so keep in mind that you need to thoroughly dry the diaper before it should be used or stored


I would  absolutely recommend a DaMory diaper for your bambino. It’s soft, simple, and looks pretty comfy to me, and you cannot beat the price. Remember, try a few different kinds though before you buy the whole shebang. There are so many options- you really need to explore them all. For a comprehensive website that talks about the dirty details of cloth diapering-including care for your diapers- I recommend Change-diapers.com.

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1 DaMory Diapers December 2, 2012 at 3:26 am

Thank you so much for your feed back – we have updated out pattern design to fit up to 45 lbs. Always looking for ways to help families even if it means starting again to get it RIGHT!


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