What I’m Drinking Friday..Memories In Beer

by farrah on March 30, 2012 · 1 comment

This week I am thrilled to announce that I am back on the beer train. I really had a rough go after that bachelorette overload- but I’m in the saddle once again. Good thing too as a long time favorite seasonal has just returned. And boy oh boy do I have history with this beer.

Welcome back to the shelves, Bell’s Oberon!

So my story with Oberon… I was in college when a little brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan started to really hit it big. I was at a fairly large university not too far from there- when we were introduced to a warm-weathered ale that claimed to have the the color and scent of a sunny afternoon. Immediately everyone was drinking it. The die-hards might remember that Oberon was in fact, NOT its original name due to a copywright infringement. I’m curious if any of my readers know what it was- WITHOUT cheating with Google! My husband did not know so thankfully I was able to inform him.

I also got my first puppy during a summer in school and named her Oberon. I called her Obie for short. She was, and forever will be my most favorite pet and beloved companion (besides my husband). I miss her very, very much as she passed in 2007 after a quick battle with cancer.

Needless to say- this beer is special to me for many reasons. I have good memories of summertime in college, good friends- Justin being one of them who lived in Kzoo and bragged all of the time about being so close to Bells- (jokes on him now as he lives in Colorado and can’t get it).. and my single years living outside of Detroit. My husband was also a fan, so we had a couple of kegs at our wedding. We have looked forward to its return year after year and can only thank our lucky stars that we moved somewhere on their distribution list. Huh. Maybe there’s no coincidence here at all.

Regardless- if you see the bright blue 6 pack with the orange sun, pick it up. It’s not exactly cheap (I paid $9.99 for a 6-pack at Total Wine tonight) but if you’re a devotee it’s well worth it.

This is what Bells has to say about their popular brew:

The heart of Bell’s summer lineup, Oberon Ale offers a refreshing mix of malted wheat flavor and fruity notes, wrapped up in a distinctively citrusy hop aroma. Oberon brings a moderate bodied yet full-flavored ale to the table that complements all manner of summer activities.

5.8% Alcohol by volume.


Trust me, this is good stuff. My friends across Michigan have already begun their Facebook homage by posting pictures of the displays in stores- they’re excited. Check out their availability map to see if you’re a lucky one (sorry westerners!).

Have a favorite summertime beer? Tell me!

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