What I’m Drinking Friday…Holiday Edition

by farrah on May 25, 2012 · 3 comments

It’s back! What I’m Drinking… seriously- it feels like it’s been ages and ages since I’ve been posting about booze. Whew. Well- since it’s been so long I have a few things to talk about today- this being a holiday weekend and all, and chances are you might partake in some libations. That said I have a couple of suggestions for you. There’s even a special bonus ‘pregnant cocktail’ at the end for you moms with a baby on board.

First up-

They’re cheap..they’re in your grocery store freezer..and oh my goodness are they delicious. I’m talking about those pouches of daiquiris or margaritas that are 2/$4 from Dailys.. Are they worth it? In three words— are you kidding?! YES. My only complaint is that they aren’t big enough. Maybe this means that I use too large of a glass… and in that case, oh well. So have you seen these?

I’ve tried the Daily’s Strawberry Daiqueri and Pom-Acai Margarita. Personally- they’re both just a titch sweet for me, so I tend to really squeeze on the lime juice. Each pouch is one glass, or a small ‘my size’ kind of glass.


But if you don’t feel like messing around with measurements, dirtying a blender, or using multiple fruits & mixers- this is your go to. Usually it takes about 8 hours to freeze, and at that point I need to let it thaw a little bit before opening. They’re really, very good and something easy and mess free to enjoy at a friend’s house in the backyard this weekend. Oh who am I kidding- I drink them while making dinner once pops gets home.

Moving on…

The other beverage I’ve been drinking this week and suggest for this fine weekend is the Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc (semi dry white)  that I picked up at Costco. I believe it was $11.99 a bottle and I was very pleased. It wasn’t the best sauvignon blanc I’ve ever had in my life- but this was fruity and crisp. I’ve usually had pretty decent luck picking up a New Zealand sauv blanc- and this was no exception. If I saw it on a menu, I’d order a glass if there wasn’t another one on there that I already knew. So- meh. It’s good, but didn’t rock my socks off.

And lastly, one of my favorite drinks to enjoy while pregnant was a simple mixture of juice and soda. Over ice pour 1 part soda and 2 parts pineapple juice. Splash cranberry juice on top and squeeze in a lime or two. It’s refreshing and tasty, not to mention super easy. Have another pregnant cocktail? Please share it!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Weekend, folks! Next week kicks off another review and giveaway for my ‘Go West, Mama!’ promotion, so hope you’ll stop by.


Nothing in sponsored in this post. I picked these items up on a regular trip to the store. No discounts.

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1 Lady Estrogen May 25, 2012 at 5:23 pm

I wish we could get those packets in Canuck land. LOVELY.


2 farrah May 25, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Well, like Target hopefully it’s coming soon. Maybe they will be carried in Target for you. That’s perfection.


3 Greta May 27, 2012 at 2:37 am

I’ve seen the pouches in liquor stores around here….still just beer and hard lemonade in our grocery stores. I’ll definitely have to try them next time I see them!!


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