Photo Weekly Roundup- The Crud, TMJ Drama & Window Shopping

by farrah on December 30, 2012 · 4 comments


This past week has been a rough one! The cold the boys had (have) just does not want to die. One trip to the after hours clinic and one call to our US pedi later, Linc- who seems to have had it worst of all, is on the mend. This crud has cost us at least a week’s worth of sleep all around and makes me very wary about returning them to school week after next. I know I can’t quarantine them.. but man. These foreign germs sure have done a number on the boys. Here’s hoping that I can build up some of their immunity before they go back. We’re pretty bummed out that our travel plans over the holiday have been scrapped- but there’s still time for us to get out there and see the sights.

The illness not withstanding, I had some adventures (as usual) this week. I decided I was going to do something about my stupid TMJ issue. I let it go for so long- it’s the most stubborn and obnoxious pain I have ever had. It even tops the SPD I had with both pregnancies- and is only worse than those because I knew there was an end in sight (birth).

In the US, I went to the dentist and had some expensive night guards made. They have increased the pain, so I stopped using them. Here, I made an appointment with my ‘home’ doc- and was referred to a physical therapist. Fortunately for me I really like our ‘home doctor’ husband and wife team- and when I saw him this week he called the PT, wrote everything down for me to give to them, and called and told them I was coming. His office being just a 7 minute walk from our door, I was thrilled to find that the PT office was around the corner of his building.

Not putting all of my faith in just a PT, I also sought out an acupuncture treatment- where the unsanitary office and ill placed needles make me never want to go back. She didn’t have the heat on, and her hands were like ice. After apologizing for said cold hands, she said she’s warm them up. How? By rubbing them on the register against the wall. And then she stuck me with needles. Yeah, I wasn’t too crazy about that. Instead I’ve decided to seek out massage and a chiropractor- and since I lucked out with my masseuse (again around the corner of the building from the PT) she gave me the info for a chiro. SCORE!

Knowing that this *might* actually improve someday had me feeling a little hopeful so I made plans for a sitter and the hubs and I went out to dinner. Next time we go out will probably be at the health club my husband joined. There is a full bar, lounge area, massage, and spa among other things. He said that this is a typical European spa so many are nude- but not all. I am not ready just yet to embrace that part of the culture- but I am really looking forward to a date night where we can have dinner in the restaurant, drinks, a jacuzzi and massage. Sounds good, eh?

This is the bar in the lobby of the health club. I suppose now that bar in the community area of our SCHOOL shouldn’t seem so odd.


On our said date night last night in the city center of Oisterwijk, I grabbed a few shots of interesting boutique windows. As my friend @kikiandkyle tells me- ‘The Dutch love their 80s.” I have to agree.


I absolutely adore everything about this bridal salon. It makes me wish I wasn’t yet married so I could buy one of her dresses. But then, I probably wouldn’t be here in the first place. The dresses in her shop windows are simply stunning and this photo does not do them justice. I can’t even imagine how much they cost. 


Randoms: This stuff is crazy. Basically they’re sprinkles that people eat on toast and they exist in a million different flavors. The boys tried them this morning- and other than making a huge mess, we could take it or leave it. The name though, ‘Hagelslag‘ is pretty interesting. Don’t worry, the saw isn’t real.


This oddity I am still trying to figure out. It’s a very tall (like 30foot) inflatable old woman clutching a champagne bottle. Maybe it’s her birthday and the ’50’ is her age? I see a big deal made over the grand birthdays here, so now that I think about it this must be it. At first, however, I assumed it was some kind of warning to drive the speed limit on New Year’s. Ha!


And lastly, to round out my week: I backed into a tree. A very small tree. And we have a beeping alert whenever you are in reverse and something is back there. Oh well. I made it two months, right?


A very happy and safe New Year wish from ours to yours! We will ring the year in a whole 6 hours before you east coasters- and I bet I will be up for the day while some are still partying. Well. Those without kids anyhow. What are your plans?

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1 Danielle December 31, 2012 at 7:53 pm

Yikes! You have had a busy week! The germs over here aren’t dying either. All of my family and friends have the flu and I am avoiding them at all costs, since we have a newborn. As for the TMJ, I just spoke with my dentist about it, too and he referred P.T. I had never heard of that before last week at my appointment. I’m glad you got a date night in there, sounds like you needed it. I love all your crazy pics on how different things are over there. I love the window into another world. Hopefully, the new year will bring health and happiness to everyone. Happy 2013. Cheers!


2 KerryB January 2, 2013 at 4:26 am

LOVE that bridal shop too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all your adventures in your new temporary life!


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