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by farrah on March 6, 2013 · 3 comments


I’m so excited that my Travel Mamas post went live today about our trip to the French Center Parc Trois Forêts! This was simply THE best vacation we have had together as a family for a week- ever. I realize this sounds pretty gushy, but when you can take 3 littles on a vacation and they never get bored, never run out of things to do AND still talk about that vacation over a month later… you know it was good.

The Center Parcs are an amazing family retreat destination in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. There is nothing- and I mean NOTHING like them in the US. The size alone of this park will blow your mind.. and then of course there is the absolutely amazing pool. Head over and read about our experience, and if you’re coming over the pond or already here- this is a  fantastic place to take your own family as well.

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1 Megan October 4, 2016 at 3:04 pm

I just read you account over at travelmamas. I was wondering what your thoughts would be for going in the winter. We are looking for a christmas time destination that would be fun for our 4 kids. We’ve done a lot of travel this year and thought doing something they would really love would be a great Christmas gift.


2 farrah October 4, 2016 at 3:16 pm

Hi Megan!

Ooh, we loved this Center Parc. I think in winter it would be absolutely gorgeous too! At the time of that post- the park had just opened up- so everything was brand new- which in my opinion are the best Center Parcs to see.

We’ve been to some older ones- and frankly I was unimpressed. I had a wonderful chat with the management of this CP and he was a lovely man- truly cared about their special Trios Forets location- and passionate about their level of service.

This one is nestled in a little village and you have no idea that the park is even there. The indoor pool is fantastic- and by far and away the best indoor kiddie pool I’ve seen to date. It had a sandbox IN THE POOL!

Not sure how old your kids are- but there are so many activities something will appeal to everyone. I think this would look stunning all decked out in festive holiday spirit. Fun gift idea 🙂

The cabins were all very clean and cozy- we all enjoy fit very much and the Lorraine valley seemed to have many quaint shops etc. if you left the CP area. I think this one has a really nice spa as well- definitely a plus vs. some of the other CPs.

My only tip is to book early. I don’t know the cancellation policy off hand, but I do know that it’s discounted the earlier you book.

If you go- let me know what you think!




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