Gift Idea & Review For The Traveler: Anatomie Travel Clothes

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Christmas is the time of year that my husband and I usually struggle with what to get each other. I’m guessing that he’s probably scratching his head over what to get me this year- as it’s not about how much you spend but how much thought we put into it. Well, here’s hoping that he gets the hint that I need new clothing- specifically new travel clothing more than anything else. Now that I’ve tried Anatomie, I know what all of the fuss is about and I’ve got a few items to add to my ‘wish list’.

Namely, this, this and this…

Anatomie Travel Clothes

First, to tell you a little bit about Anatomie, they are a luxury travel clothing company for women. I mentioned a while back that I was given two of their pieces for my trip to Malta- and I have to say what a great addition they are to my wardrobe. I was sent the magical designer travel pants, specifically the Fiora Travel Pant and the Bridget Travel Blazer to review on my trip.

carg1The Fiora Pants

BridgetThe Bridget Blazer

Flying around Europe is cheap and easy IF you follow their very very very strict rules about luggage on the budget airlines. You have minimal weight and size of bag- and they DO weigh and check! So for a four-day trip to Malta I only had to add a pair of jeans, a fleece, two long-sleeved tee shirts, underthings and an extra pair of shoes in addition to my two Anatomie pieces so I could bring home some goodies for the gang back home.

I could not get over how lightweight the pants are- and how they remained wrinkle-free in the suitcase. Ditto for the blazer, in fact, I think that might be a little heavier than the pants- amazing!

What Anatomie Promises

…Success is founded on the principle that Anatomie’s travel clothes, “travel” better than any other clothes:

  • Virtually indestructible, made from the finest French and Italian fabrics
  • Chic, feminine, stylish and versatile
  • Never need ironing
  • No dry cleaning
  • Machine washable, wrinkle free, and never fade
  • Ultra-light weight – our designer travel pants weigh only 6 ounces!

I can honestly say that as far as I can tell- they deliver. Their magical designer travel pants had me oohing and aahing all over Malta- not just because of the quality of the fabric, or the fit, but the POCKETS. Cargo pants that don’t look like cargo pants? You got it.

Fiora pants in Gozo

The travel pants:

So at $199 that’s steep, yeah? Ok, well let’s see. They’re designed to be pants that are so lightweight they can basically be the only pants I have to take along with me. They go with anything, fit everything and feel pretty fantastic wearing. I don’t buy clothes for myself all that much- so the pieces I have I need them to last, and from what I can tell these pants are going to be going a long, long way and save me money and time from buying others that don’t fit as well or deliver on their promises. The quality of the fabric blew my mind- they were stretchy but not yoga-pantsy. I felt very comfortable but dressed up at the same time, that was nice!

I see paying that kind of price for clothing an investment. I’m not paying for a brand label stamped all over my behind. I’m paying for quality that’s going to last and prevent me from buying three more pairs of pants.

Fiora pantsThe pockets held my bus tickets, cell phone, maps and passport. I didn’t even need the purse!

My only issue- is that I ordered a size medium and they were a wee bit long for me. This wasn’t a huge problem- as I just cuffed them over once, but being 5’5′ I was a little surprised that they would be so long as in the photo they seem to come to the top of her shoes on their website. I think a small in the pants would have been too small, the mediums were everywhere else that matters- a perfect fit.

Bridget Blazer

The Bridget Blazer

Pants are usually my #1 fashion fail, so with those taken care of, I needed to think about what kind of top wold work. This blazer FEELS like a high quality jacket and I’m not going to lie- made me feel like a super spy out on a mission. The inner material had a mesh lining that kept me insulated from the windy ferry ride but never hot. I liked the stylish collar and silver zipper too. It had a sleek fit and was easy to pack in my suitcase and not wrinkle. At $145 I would want something to hold up no matter where I went and I’m confident that this blazer can easily be taken wherever our travels take us and go with anything no matter what the season.

I had no problems with this blazer at all- it sits at the top of my hips and didn’t make me feel bulky or overdressed.

So some good news:

  • They have a great 30 day return policy. I especially like that you can return it if: “Maybe it made you look so smokin’ hot that; your significant other is getting jealous from all the stares you are getting.” Because that would be a nice problem to have, yes?
  • The also offer a nice sizing chart for their line- which I always appreciate!
  • International shipping available.

Connect with Anatomie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @AnatomieStyle. They’re also really nice people who are quick to respond to tags and questions. I like that. (I just noticed they have a Facebook contest in the works to win some of their clothing, so go check that out too, here.)

Disclosure- I was sent the aforementioned pants and blazer to review on my latest jaunt. I am also an affiliate of Anatomie. See that sidebar ad right there–> ? Click that if you please 🙂 As usual- my thoughts and my words make up my opinions.

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1 Ann November 22, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Oh, wow. I’m glad you posted about these pants because I actually noticed them in one of your IG pictures and thought – cool pants! Good travel pants are priceless and I think I need to ask for them for Christmas, too. Now to look to see if they have some for shorter people!


2 farrah November 23, 2013 at 7:42 am

They really are priceless! And yeah- I would really double check with the length. Not that you’re so short, just so that you are sure to get a good fit 🙂


3 Mrs. Chasing the Donkey November 22, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Being someone who travels loads, I always struggle with what pants are appropriate. I always opt for jeans, but they do take up room and weight in my bag. $200 does sound a lot at first thought but if they are as good a quality as you say then it’s no worse than the cost of my current jeans.
After a quick look at the sizing chart, it’s good to see that each pair of pants has the exact measurements – that’s helpful for me who has a large behind.


4 farrah November 23, 2013 at 7:43 am

Don’t we all! Ha! The more I thought about it- some people like to invest in handbags or shoes- and they last forever. I think maybe what we fear is that quality doesn’t live up to what we expect/hope for. These really are awesome!


5 Gayla November 25, 2013 at 10:01 am

This may be the line of clothes I need for myself, since I hate clothes shopping. I love versatile, goes with everything stuff. And if it takes up little space in my luggage…even better!! Thanks for this review.


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