Prague With Kids: The How-To Basics

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Many months before we even thought about going to Prague, a lovely reader of mine sent me an email. She also has twins +1 and lives in Prague. She told me that I really needed to come and see her city and the kids would love it. As with most places that we want to visit, I added it to the list and hoped for ‘someday’. As fate would have it, that ‘someday’ arrived last week and we found ourselves in Prague. Today I’m starting off with the basics, the how-tos when it comes to seeing Prague with kids. This is part 1 in a series.

PragueWhat a view! The castle atop the hill.

Where to stay

Our second experience with House Trip was just as fantastic as the first. Our luxury apartment was immaculate, modern, and bedrooms enough for all of us (including Grandma). The beds were to die for! It is located outside of the city itself- which is what we did with Rome. This works well- as we avoid the noise and get an opportunity to experience a true ‘local’s neighborhood’.

  • How to check out House Trip: I do have a lovely affiliate button over there in my right sidebar, which I’d love if you booked through! But if not, just go to their link and start typing! Always read the reviews and feel free to ask questions of your host. The apartment we booked can be found here (which is GREAT for kids and maybe Oma & Opa traveling with you).

Where to eat

If you’re an expat already living overseas, you’re going to be tempted to hit up familiar and ‘safe’ places like TGI Fridays, McD’s and KFC. DON’T DO IT. The food in Prague is delicious and there are absolutely things on the menu for kids.

  • What to order: Most menus have pictures, and many people speak some English. Order the local beer (just order a pils), and for kids you can find pizzerias, hamburgers, chicken-schnitzel type dishes, and ice cream. Many menus have english translations available. I recommend goulash in bread bowls ( a stew), or any of the pork roasts. I was also pleasantly surprised by the sweet (not burning) horseradish.
  • A good gauge to see if a restaurant/pub is overpriced: If beer is priced at 50 or above, it is too expensive. Paying 35 or less for a beer is a safe bet (about €2) and the rest of the restaurant should be reasonable.
  • We ate at Cafe per lei for lunch one day. Good food, nice service, very kid-friendly.

What to do

PragueThe park by our apartment, en route to the center.

Oh man. Where to start. Once again, we did not have a set plan on exactly what to do and what to see. My husband learned that free tours are given each day- and as with our Rome trip- we learned that a tour is an excellent way to get our barings and figure out an unfamiliar city. So, my advice is take a tour and decide for yourself.

Remember how I mentioned the tour was ‘free’? Well, it really is. All they ask is that if you enjoyed the tour at the end of the three hours you offer a tip. I don’t know how that all works, but we thought it was awesome. Our guide Tom did an excellent job- and the tours are offered in many, many different languages. Our boys also did great- it was a bit informal and there were maybe 25-30 people in our group so we didn’t bother anyone.

Prague toursThe meeting place for tours by the clock. Arrow is pointing at the yellow umbrella.

  • How to take the tour: Go to the famous Astronomical Clock and look for the yellow umbrellas. Tours begin at 11:00am and are also offered at 2:00pm and later. Plan for three hours on average. You can see their review on Trip Advisor here.

How to get around

For the most part, we walked. There are trams which run all over the city and there is a metro- but we had nice weather and really enjoyed the walking. Our last day, however, we took a taxi back from the main shopping district to the apartment. Taxis here work a bit differently: You call, tell them how many in your party, and where you want to be picked up. No hailing a cab on the street. For the six of us to go about five kilometers it was €7 which is pretty good. The taxi itself was a clean, modern SUV/hybrid to fit all of us and our stroller. Completely safe and recommended by our apartment owner and my Prague friend. AAA is the company you want to use.

Prague taxiTaxi stand sign. 

  • How to call the taxi: Look for a sign like the one posted above. You will find the number at the bottom in red. I’d suggest programming that into your phone before you leave the house for the day!
  • When walking though, prepare yourself for the hills! Pushing a stroller and hiking up the hills is a serious workout.
  • I saw lots of people on Segways. But, uh. Yeah, not so much with kids.

Overall- the kids loved it

Prepare yourself to be surprised. I wasn’t expecting to like the city as much as I did- and it has renewed my desire to see more ‘big cities’ if they’re like Prague. I thought I was burning out on them, but there’s just something special about this place.

If possible, I say GO OFF SEASON. I couldn’t get over how busy the city was- and this was the beginning of March! Heat and a million more visitors? Not my thing.

I have so much more to say- and specifics with stories. Some things we learned about the history of Prague aren’t things you’d find in a guide book- so I hope you’ll follow along for my next segment.  I have more antidotes on what we did- the oops we had, the wows, and the fact that we overstayed our reservation by accident- more to come later next week!

What are your tips for seeing Prague with kids? Feel free to leave a link if you’ve got one!

All photos taken by me with my iPhone (better ones to come!) and nothing to disclose.


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1 Julia March 8, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Oh your posts always give me the travel bug. I love that you put how much you should pay for a beer, that’s a tip I always use : )


2 farrah March 8, 2014 at 3:11 pm

I feel like kicking myself because I’ve never thought of that before! Prague is where pilsner comes from- so the theory is that it should be really cheap there. I never would have known! We did make sure to support that export though 🙂


3 Jess March 9, 2014 at 9:08 am

I like that taxi system! I can’t stand trying to flag down a cab, I always feel ridiculous waving by the side of the road.


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