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by farrah on July 2, 2014 · 4 comments

With one of the biggest food-centric holidays (wait, aren’t they all food-centric?) approaching in the US, it’s the perfect time to show you some of the goodies that remind me of home. I want to make it perfectly clear- that these items are NOT promotional- they are like this all year ’round. 

Last night I sat down after making dinner and looked at the mustard bottle in front of me. We were having chicken sandwiches and I like mustard and mayo on mine. I’m not really crazy about Dijon mustard- I like the good old yellow mustard. When we first moved over I was pained to learn that although yes, I could buy my Heinz ketchup- alas, French’s did not exist. At least not here.


For our first holiday expat package, I remember requesting a big bottle of the yellow stuff. It was good. And when it was gone I was sad. That was until one day, perusing the Albert Heijn website (caution, if you click this link turn down your speakers because: hamsters) that I noticed a yellow mustard in a bottle eerily similar to that of French’s. Could it be? Would it taste the same? Heck, I decided to get crazy and roll the dice on the €2 bottle. When the order arrived a couple of days later, I was overjoyed to discover that yes! Yes indeed it DID taste like the good old American stuff!


So what’s a chicken sandwich without the bun? Ironically, I had these in the fridge. But I didn’t realize at the time they were all decked out for the USA (‘broodjes’ means small breads- like for sandwiches):


In keeping this the theme of USA, this is my favorite freezer staple. They’re really good! And much fatter than the regular frozen pizzas. Huh. Coincidence?:

pizImage credit: Albert Heijn

And of COURSE I can’t have three boys in the house and not have hot dogs on hand:


Sometimes people even give me things. A friend of mine said she was at her Lidel and during  ‘America Week’ one time, so she stopped and picked it up for me. I have yet to make it since I still don’t have a baking dish. Excuses.


I have to laugh as the crumble, if you notice above the Statue of Liberty, it says PRODUCED IN GERMANY.

You see? They don’t even want American syle foods coming from America. Doesn’t that tell you something? That’s kind of weird to me. I mean, I know so much of our food in the US is made up of things I cannot pronounce, but then why would other people want to copy them? Surely they’re not just for expats!

Ah well. I didn’t intend to make this post about the crap quality of American food. Because, take heart- at least they think we’re cool:


Image credit: Albert Heijn

Clearly I’m not judging since I keep all of these items in my house on a regular basis.

Again- Happy 4th week!

If you’re an expat tell me what kind of ‘American’ things you have in your grocery store.

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1 Ann July 2, 2014 at 6:23 am

Ha ha! We’re lucky to be able to buy french’s at one of the grocery stores that has a shelf of “american” food. The food on that shelf is half imported, half local interpretations.

There’s a brand, or off-shoot of a brand with “american” food. It’s american style buns, brownies, and seasonally cranberry juice. I’m not of fan of the buns and brownies, but like the juice. There’s also refrigerated burgers and texas pizza. And some American style hotdog condiment that I’ve never actually seen in America.


2 farrah July 2, 2014 at 8:37 am

I have since been informed via Twitter that yes, French’s IS here- and at Jumbo! So there you go.

I love that mystery condiment. You need to try it.


3 Ann July 2, 2014 at 8:51 am

You’ve tried it or you love the idea of it and I should try it and report back?


4 farrah July 2, 2014 at 8:54 am

Report back! I am afraid to try strange condiments!


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