Fish Feet: Updates of the Random Nature

by farrah on August 20, 2014 · 0 comments

I’m currently in a state of limbo- waiting for something to happen, trying to enjoy the present, and worrying about the future. We’ve got a lot on the horizon right now, and it’s starting to eat at me in little bits. Like those fish spas people go to to stick their feet in tanks and the little fish nibble off the dead skin. I’m the feet. Ok, that’s a really gross analogy- but I think you get what I’m saying.

feetI do not suggest you scour the internet for ‘fish spa’ images. Do. Not. 

So as I was saying… on our plate right now we’re first and foremost about to go back to school. Actually that happens on Monday which I am really excited about, and I know the boys are too. I’d feel better about it but just discovered two of the three have huge cavities and they have to be taken care of right away. I don’t know how we missed them, but I feel like an awful parent for not making sure that I brushed their teeth well enough (clearly I didn’t) and allowing this to happen. Guilt.

The stuff

Additionally we have the impending move down the street- which I have to admit is really more of this abstract thing that’s out there and happening someday and I’m not freaking out about it– yet. We do have a moving company that will come in, box the stuff up and take it over there, so I have NO RIGHT to complain. Even a little. I’ve moved a million times in my life, and this should be one of the easiest transitions I’ve ever had. Stay tuned. You know what that means. Hoping that we’re in the house the first weekend of October.

To help unload stuff, I’ve joined a FB group local swap and sell. Currently I am stalking the board to get the gist of their etiquette, and I’m struggling a little. I don’t want to be the person posting things that people take screen shots of and say ‘Look at this idiot!’ on Facebook or end up on Buzzfeed NL (if there is such a thing). So anyhow, another learning curve ahead. Life is so funny in another language.

Mid-October there’s the twins 4th birthday, I’m going to Athens for almost a week (!), the twins start ‘real school’ (see Brody’s experience, they will be in his class!) and THEN the stress really cranks up with planning for our trip to the States. All of us. I’m stressed about flying with the boys. Our ‘plan’ is actually pretty insane. Because I am insisting to see our old pediatrician in South Carolina- we’re going to fly in to Atlanta, connect to Greenville. That day (morning, mind you) we have dentist, dermatologist, pediatrician, gyno, etc. appointments. I don’t know how we’re going to manage all of that in one day, then go to the storage unit, load it up in a truck and send my husband off to drive to Michigan. I will fly with the boys to Detroit.

It’s not all bad

The weather hasn’t helped. No kidding it has been in the mid 60s and rained every day for the past two weeks. I don’t mind the cold as much as the rain though, that really puts a ‘damper’ on things, quite literally. The boys are going a little stir crazy and I am without my bike still which makes me feel lazy and sluggish. But the GOOD NEWS- which I should probably announce, is that yes, I am now a legally driving resident of the NL! I got my temporary paper license so in case I am pulled over I don’t have to abandon the car. This is a huge step.

Another bright spot is that one of  my very good, very dear, very favorite people is making plans to come visit. I’m really excited and hoping it all works out. So far the plan is to meet up in Paris and then I’ll bring her here for a week. This would happen before the move, so yeah. We probably need to get on that.

And a big thing… since the boys will all be in school full-time this fall time has come for me to get cracking on my Dutch lessons. No more excuses. I’m on it.

Photo credit: I honestly tried to find the source. I did. Please do not sue me. I found it on a fish spa Groupon ad. 

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