Planes, Trains, Taxis, Boats & 20 years Later…

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I’ve been home since Tuesday morning. As I write this, I’m still not sure if it’s Thursday or Wednesday- but I’m sure it’s close. I am back in the land of the living and pretty sure my jet/travel lag is gone. That said- I’m pretty traveled out for now and happy to be home. The boys are treating me like some kind of worshipped idol- which totally makes up for the fact that the weather here is dismal and not summer-y AT ALL for the moment.

The euro travels

Because I am very impatient (and thus will never be a writer) I just can’t wait to download on the events of the past few weeks. I need to sit down and devote separate posts to this year’s Dordogne escapades (as we did so much more this time around) and then fill you in as to why and how Ibiza is NOT just for 100 pound, large breasted blond twenty somethings. I could go on for days about that and how wrong I was about Ibiza not being for me– so I’ll just leave it here for now and get to it when I get to it. I will say this- if you can, freaking go there as quickly as possible and be sure to hit the island of Formentera!

The reunion itself

That was Saturday. It was better than I could have possibly imagined and I have so much to say about it I don’t know a) where to begin and b) if I can even manage to do it justice. The summarizing takeaway I can offer at this time is that if you have one approaching do not hesitate and just freaking GO. No one cares if you’re fat, bald, broke, divorced, childless, etc. Also go solo! Leave the hubs or the date at home and I promise you won’t regret it. Everyone has changed as much as you have and omg my cheeks ached for two days from laughing and smiling so much. What a blast. *cue Bookends*.

Methods of transport

The five countries on two continents in two weeks thing was pretty insane. However, what really blew my mind was that I endured cars, taxis, boats, busses planes and (lastly) trains to get my travels accomplished. It’s no secret that I take my happy flying pills to quell the anxiety- but you can’t really do that on a bus/trains/etc when you need to be aware of your stop. Which of course leads me to my fiasco getting home.

Schipol/AMS airport is one big clusterf*ck. It just is. I don’t know how the family and I are going to fare around Thanksgiving (oh joy at doing this the busiest travel time of the year!) since I could barely keep myself on track. Thankfully it was just the issue of getting home from the airport that posed the issues, as I didn’t realize it was National Train Disruption day or whatever and it took me FIVE HOURS, three train transfers and a bus to get home. Fortunately I feel very comfortable back in the NL and didn’t freak when I ended up hours in the wrong direction. That, or the fact that I hadn’t slept and been en transit for 12 hours wearing the same clothes and un-brushed teeth *might* have had something to do with it. Ah well, I’m home now and that’s all that matters!

Back to reality & culture disappointment

The boys are so happy I’m home they haven’t left my side. They (all 3) slept with me my first night back and we’ve had more snuggle time than we’ve had in ages. I guess they really do appreciate me after all.  I also have a bunch swirling in my head as to how truly bizarre it was to be back in the US after just two years away. Some good things to say- some bad. One thing’s for sure- y’all are going nuts on the importance of high-class sports facilities for high schoolers. I mean, priorities, people. I think you’re missing the point of ‘education’. I missed the NL.

And with that, I gotta run. We should probably get dressed and figure out what we’re doing today. Thanks for coming back after the longest hiatus my blog has ever had- and I’ll be better next week!

PS- I emailed the winner of my giveaway, but haven’t heard a peep. Looks like I’ll be drawing another one later this afternoon!

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