Three Is The Charm: Feeling At Home This Christmas

by farrah on December 24, 2014 · 0 comments

The previous two years of Christmastime have not been bad. No, not at all. But they have been a little different, felt a little off and overall just lacking the ‘Christmas vibe’ that is so common with the feeling when you’re rooted. When you’re ‘home‘-whatever that means. Anyhow, I have to say that this year- for the first time, we actually feel at home and it’s wonderful.

starPaper stars at the NBG Christmas market

Maybe it’s the fact that we went back for Thanksgiving and checked in with everyone. Or, perhaps it’s that we’re feeling more of a part of our community than ever. Whatever the case.. it took us about three years to really feel like this is Christmas and it’s normal. Heck, I even went to the butcher shop and hopefully ordered something I can cook tomorrow (stay tuned– post will be forthcoming I’m sure). We made three batches of cookies. We decorated. We are really feeling the spirit of things. Funny it only took three seasons.

So this is unexpected for sure. Feeling at home and comfortable in our own skin this year- just as the boys are hitting this magical age at Christmas of 4 & 5. It’s awesome, and we’ve managed to maintain our own traditions while also incorporating new ones. For this I am very grateful indeed. We expats know it’s not about the gifts (heck, we do our best to eliminate ‘stuff’ from our lives do to space constraints!) but rather the people we’re with that make this season so magical.

We’re a special bunch blessed with an opportunity to live in another part of the world- other than where we’re from. We’re adventurous, open-minded and adaptable. We want to learn and grow from exploring the cities, towns and countries around us- and if we have kids in tow we usher them along (even if it isn’t always easy). Proost to us! I hope what we learn and take away from our experiences abroad we can share with others upon our return.

If you’re an expat out there somewhere, Merry Christmas to you, or Happy Holidays, or whatever it is that I am supposed to say. I hope you have a wonderful remainder of the season and if this year hasn’t been exactly what you were hoping for— don’t despair. Next year will be better. And the year after that, and the year after that too.

—Vrolijk Kerstfeest to all!

The Ritter Family

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