How 2014 Went & Where 2015’s Going…

by farrah on January 3, 2015 · 4 comments

I have been trying to come up with a ‘word’ to describe 2015 for days now, and I just can’t. Not sure why- as I really feel GO was pretty good for us, but other than that, what can I say? Stay? Keep going? Don’t get lost? It’s too much work. So instead of coming up with a word to label 2015, I still wanted to see how we matched up to our 2014 goals (see, that’s the beautiful thing about a blog- it’s right there for all to see if you kept your word or not) and jot down some new ones too. So let’s go. Ahem.

Kid paparazziMy favorite photo of 2014: Kids paparazzi in Beynac, France.


For starters, I realize ‘family’ in the respect that I’m saying it is not a goal. The reason I have it listed is because we have some really awesome things going on in our family. For example, my ‘little’ brother (I am 12 years older) is getting married in 2016 and planning his wedding. Next, we have some dear uncles who have been together for years and years and years and they were recently married in Maine! Third, we are waiting for word any minute now that another cousin has been born. S/he (it’s a surprise) will be here today! And lastly, my sister and her entire family are coming to see us in 2015. I’m really excited for her and my nieces- but really the number one thing I can’t wait to see is my very very tall brother-in-law on a bike. No excuses either- since the Dutch are the tallest in the world we’ll easily find one for him.

Where we’re going

Before I fall asleep at night I am gripped with a kind of last-minute panic when I think about if we’re doing enough to see enough in our time left. It’s really annoying and one of the darker sides of expat life. It’s not always the fun of vacation planning- since you’re under the gun to make the most of what time remains. So far, this is what we have on the agenda with lots more to fill in the gaps along the way:

  • Fes, Morocco (just me and some friends)
  • Paris, France for the marathon (uncles, grandma, and us- whee!)
  • Costa Brava, Spain (family beach trip)
  • Austria (summer family vacation)

These are the places already booked or officially on the calendar. I had some fabulous luck at TBEX and won my family Global Eurail passes good for 15 days travel ANYWHERE in Europe. We’re currently trying to figure out where to go, how to make it work with work and school days off, and where to stay. Additionally my husband has a work trip to Portugal coming up (I am insanely jealous of this) and at least one or two more back to the States. This isn’t the worst thing ever as I need some more Pace.

Additionally, a fantasy we’re talking about at the moment is spending a week in Scotland on the Whiskey Trail in an RV. This was my husband’s idea- and I have to say that I love it. Of course I am prepared for the fact that it might rain daily, but no matter. I will have to get going on my Diana Gabaldon books as I have only read the first two in the Outlander series. Additionally, I’m hell bent on going to Croatia to see the fabulous SJ this fall. Her house had better be ready for us.

Where we’ve been

And finally, in review of 2014 we had some great moments.

Now that I see last year broken down like that I can’t believe we did it. I’m so proud of the boys in that they’re really proving to be excellent and adaptable travelers, and get really excited about where we’re going. They saw several new countries in 2014, and most importantly- we made some funny (in retrospect) memories together. Traveling solo, with my friends or only my husband is great, but I have to say none of it is as rewarding as when we travel with the boys.

 Personal goals

  • I’ve deleted Facebook from my phone and eliminated some chatter. Let’s see how long that lasts!
  • Read! I read quite a bit last year and I hope to keep it going this year too.
  • Work on my Dutch. Sigh.
  • Keep the blog going, stay focused & remain honest.
  • That’s it. I need to keep it simple or it won’t happen.

Bring it 2015

And with that, we’re ready for whatever the year has in store for us. I wonder if this is the year we find out what will happen with us next? Although I have to admit, I could easily go one more year without worrying about it. Can’t wait to hit the road. What do you have in the year ahead?

Photo taken by me.


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1 Julia January 3, 2015 at 1:52 pm

I deleted Facebook off my phone too. You had so many great adventures last year, I’m hoping to do more traveling this year we have some small trips planned.


2 farrah January 3, 2015 at 3:31 pm

We did- some went well, some were rough! Trips small are just as worthwhile as ‘big’ ones in teaching the little ones. A friend of mine told another that travel of all kinds teaches our kids flexibility and understanding of different things. True words. Sometimes I discount the simple day trips we take but I shouldn’t as they’re good for all of us.

And yeah! I’m doing a book reading self-challennge. 50 books this year (at least), so I’m going to read instead of scroll.


3 Elizabeth January 3, 2015 at 3:11 pm

That is so funny-I just deleted Facebook from my phone on Wednesday! I haven’t been on at all since then, and I am really hoping to stick to it. I was feeling more bad feels than good when going through FB lately, so I decided to hang it up. I am glad you have this blog so I can keep up with you and your travels!


4 farrah January 3, 2015 at 3:32 pm

THIS—> ” I was feeling more bad feels than good when going through FB lately, so I decided to hang it up.” Is exactly why. With all things, I’m simply not going to put myself in the place of feeling bad about anything anymore. We’re all human, and that narcissistic machine called Facebook cannot be good for us. All things in moderation!

And thanks Elizabeth- you always know where to find me 🙂


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