When Your Best Friend Comes to Visit

by farrah on February 24, 2015 · 3 comments

It has been bananas over here for the last few weeks. Of course, most of it is my fault since the majority of my problems originated down that slip o’ the stairs in Morocco. The timing really couldn’t have been worse, but then again- is it ever a good time to hurt yourself? Anyhow- my long-time buddy came to visit last week and we absolutely did a tour de force excursion in our neck of the woods in honor of her first trip to Europe.


Kick it off right

She arrived Sunday the 15th which was the day of our Carnival parade here in Oisterwijk. No sooner had my husband brought her and the boys into the house from the airport when we turned around and walked up to show her the chaos. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. Welcome to Europe, Kelly!

Monday I was thinking we’d take it slow since I worried about her being jet lagged. No rest for the weary! We headed off on a day trip to Delft. The boys were off of school, so we had our three little companions with us on the train to the charming town we’ve been to now with just about every visitor. It’s so easy to get around- and the architecture is a treat. I knew she’s like it- and she did.

Tuesday my ankle was aching. I wasn’t so good about keeping it elevated, and the swelling was still pretty bad- so we took it easy and just poked around the center in Oisterwijk. Fortunately there were still the die-hard Carnaval revelers around to provide some entertainment, and we stopped at a favorite place to have lunch. I was on a mission to expose Kelly to as many ‘Dutch culinary things’ as possible. This of course is somewhat amusing since those of you ‘in the know’ realize I use the ‘Dutch culinary’ term loosely.

Wednesday I was lucky enough to score a sitter and took Kelly to Tilburg so that we could enjoy a high tea at Dudok. They’re currently running a promotion so I snagged a deal on Groupon- and it was AWESOME. For about two hours we chatted over prosecco, endless tea, finger sandwiches and sweet treats. We shopped for a couple of hours, and then we went off to Vught where I had to order a cake at my favorite baker. I remembered that there was a concentration camp memorial located in this nearby town too, so even though we were running out of our sitter-freedom, we stopped in. On the way back to the house I was even able to cram in a visit to our lovely Oisterwijk windmill, so all in all a successful day.


Thursday we were back on the road and went  to Cologne, Germany. I knew that the Carnaval chaos was over (for the most part) and I really wanted her to see the Dom Cathedral. The town and center area itself is awesome- not to mention the Lindt Chocolate museum and the ability to get around on a hop on-hop off train tram. The boys were happy, even if we were a bit on the chilly side due to the intense wind. This was my second trip there, the boys’ third.

The space capsule

Friday was a day I had been looking forward to all week. I booked us an overnight stay at Thermae 2000 spa in Valkenburg like I did a year ago for my birthday. We started the morning off with our services (a facial for her, a detoxifying body wrap for me- that would come back to haunt me later). We lounged and soaked and napped and it was great. By the time I checked into our room I was so relaxed I wasn’t understanding what the space ship was doing in our room. But there it was:


Turns out it is a ‘Space capsule’ massage thing. We agreed that after dinner we’d try it out. True to form, I consumed a wee bit more alcohol than I should have- ate a huge 5 course dinner and thought getting into the space capsule afterwards was a good idea. You know I forgot about that detox wrap from the morning where I soaked and sweated in a hot waterbed, drawing out all of the poisons from my polluted body. I hadn’t drunk nearly enough water- and instead had a total of 6 drinks from about 7pm-11pm, then jumped into that massager. What do you think happened?

You got it. I was sick. Sicker than a dog and omg the fiasco. The silver lining though- even though I never thought I’d see one after that, was that we laughed so hard about it being just like the ‘good old days’ when we were college roommates- AND I felt 100 times better after purging my body of the grossness. But still. It was a rather violently ugly situation of which I will spare you the details but to say that it’s a good thing she and I are both moms capable of dealing with such a bodily fluid nightmare.

And so it ended

Saturday we hit the road back to Oisterwijk and finished up her shopping and packed up her things. We had a bbq dinner with a campfire in the courtyard, and basically felt exhausted after a week of hard core traveling with kids and a bum foot.

Sunday morning we headed to Schipol to drop her off. It was by far and away the fastest week I have ever had with the boys out of school. We had so much fun, and it was awesome to take her places and show her that it’s really very easy to navigate around this region of Europe. It was tough to say goodbye, but she’s the kind of friend I will always have, and know I’ll be seeing again soon. She was in my wedding, I in hers- and she’s seen me at my worst. And then even worse than that- good thing is, we ALWAYS laugh. 


After we said goodbye I said what the hell to my throbbing ankle, and just kept driving on to Den Hague where the boys and I met up with Megan for lunch and then to the Museon Dinos Jaws exhibit for the day. When we finally got home at 5:30pm I was ready to fall over, and went to bed early.

And so. That is where I have been and what I have been doing. No time to blog! I’d like to say that the rest of this week I am going to sit around with my foot on the back of the couch, but I have a 6 year old’s birthday to throw on Wednesday. Again, no rest for the weary!


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1 Amy February 25, 2015 at 6:26 am

Sounds so fun! Except for the sickness part. That space capsule thing makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at it!


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