The Best Cheese Ever That Wasn’t

by farrah on March 2, 2015 · 1 comment

Yesterday was our ‘Shopping Sunday’ in Oisterwijk which only rolls around the first Sunday of every month. It’s a big deal, and you find that you will invent just about any reason to go down to the center and walk around even if you don’t need anything. I, however, was in need of something. I needed some more of the best cheese I’ve had since we’ve been here from our local cheese shop Smaeck!.

Dutch cheeseWhat I ended up buying yesterday instead.

When Kelly was in town a couple of weeks ago, we took her to this shop to pick up some things for a fondue night (which happened to be our best dinner the whole week). I purchased a zingy blue cheese, ‘hard’ goat cheese and some crackers. I still wanted one more to round out the melty cheese I was going to have as our fondue- and found it in a sample cheese by the register.

It was a soft (but not spreadable) gouda-esque cheese filled with red flecks. I didn’t ask about it before tasting it- and was genuinely surprised that it had some heat. Like REAL heat. As in peppers. It was the closest that I had come to a pepperjack cheese in over two years and my taste buds were rejoicing. I was so excited I called to the boys and Kelly: ‘YOU GUYS HAVE TO TRY THIS! IT’S AWESOME!’.

So I bought a bunch. That evening I cut it all up, melted the fondue, and we sizzled some sausage, heated some bread and poured the crackers. We loved the red flecked cheese (I never keep track of the actual names). More than once we returned to cut more of it because it kept disappearing from the platter. Hooray! A new cheese! I was so proud. We found this one by accident in a real Dutch cheese shop and this was sure to become our cheese. I even considered this feat as meeting a goal from two years ago.

Back to yesterday. I went to Smaeck! with a spring in my step as I was genuinely excited to obtain more of this magical cheese. Our friend was working in the shop and I happily told her about the cheese I was seeking. She seemed somewhat confused, but I was sure she would find it. She wasn’t there the day it was being promoted- but I thought by describing it to her she’d know which one I was talking about:

Oh that one. No, we don’t have that any more.”

What? You mean you’re out of it? (I assumed since it was so good it was sold out). Or you’re not carrying it anymore?

No. It wasn’t good. We won’t have it any more.” And she gave me a look indicating that she too might have thought it a cheese she wanted nothing to do with.

As in- people here didn’t love it?!”

No. Not at all.” and she shook her head very seriously to show how that it was a rather awful cheese and I must be crazy to want it.

I am now left shocked and stunned at the fact that I apparently like really awful cheese. Which is of course making me reflect upon my entire relationship with cheese in the first place.

fondueI really thought this AH fondue was good. Maybe it’s actually awful!

This reminded me of the dinner Kelly and I had at the spa in Valkenburg. One of the courses was cheese. The entire dinner itself was laughably awful (and not in a ‘quality’ standpoint- but in a personal taste standpoint, we didn’t like raw scallops and raw mackerel or clove ice cream) but the cheese is one thing that I will never forget.

There were three or four cheeses on the plate- and one of them was good. As in ok good. The other three were downright disgusting and one had the most vile smell either of us have ever experienced. I like smelly cheese. I like strong cheese. But this? This was the worst cheese ever. In fact, we took turns pushing the plate around so that the other one of us had to be closer to it.

Never in my life have I been so repulsed by a cheese- and now I have to learn (as of yesterday) cheese that I thought was really good was in fact, so awful they’re no longer carrying it. My entire world is rocked at the moment and I don’t know where to go from here since I just tasted the ‘Swiss’ cheese I bought yesterday and it too is gross.

Do you have a favorite cheese? Do you have a LEAST favorite cheese? You need to share them with me since I’m obviously lacking cheesemonger status. 

Photo credit: Me & Albert Heijn (fondue).

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1 Lori March 3, 2015 at 12:25 am

You made me chuckle!!!


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