Goodbye Shark Helmet, and Thanks

by farrah on June 7, 2015 · 0 comments

I have to give a quick ode of thanks to this bicycle helmet, which we threw in the trash yesterday. I guess I didn’t realize how much sentimentality I had attached to it until my husband clipped it onto the garbage can downtown and we walked away.

bike helmet for kidsNot sure why I had to buy this. 

I remember everything about buying this shark helmet. We were living in South Carolina and my oldest (wearing the helmet in photo above) was just over a year old. I was in my second trimester with the twins, feeling like crap and about to find out my cervix was posing a concern. For whatever reason I decided that he needed a bicycle helmet. We hit the usual suspect in town (Target) and couldn’t find what I wanted. We ended up at Wal-Mart and I was thrilled to discover exactly what we needed.

This blue shark helmet.

B had a rather large noggin as a baby. In fact, it continued into his preschool years- and he is now finally more head/body size proportionate. Anyhow, So I bought this helmet when he was 15 months old. It was just a toy- he wore it to play in occasionally (not because he needed it), and since I am a hoarder of baby things we kept it and packed it with us when we moved here. Since my kids are hell on wheels, they wear helmets (unlike the majority of Dutch child population) when riding a bike. So Chase (4) has been wearing this helmet since we arrived in 2012 and Brody had a different one.

This one, in fact. I guess it was big?

bike helmet for kidsBrody’s helmet 2012-today.

So anyhow. Since the twins are officially on their own bikes- sans training wheels, we treated C to a new helmet of his own yesterday. This one:

bike helmet for kids

And as we walked out of the bike shop, we put the helmets on the kids and I gaped as my husband clipped the busted up one onto the side of the garbage can since it was too large to fit inside the trash opening. It had some damage on top from a fall or two, and wasn’t safe anymore.

Goodbye dear shark helmet. You protected their skulls well and I thank you. xo.

bike helmet for kidsL and C rocking their bikes yesterday before new helmet.

I hope the new USA helmet Chase chose brings us years to come of safe riding. It sort of seems like they’ve grown up at a warp speed in just the past few months. Sigh.


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