An Extraordinary Dining Experience (with kids!): Sorsasso & Domasino Winery

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Are you going to the Lake Como vicinity in the near future? Ok, stop reading now. Email these wonderful people and make your reservation for dinner before you do anything else (and I’m not kidding). Ok, so now that that’s out of the way I can relax a bit and tell you more about the dinner and place that will most likely go down in my memory bank as one of the top 5 of my life: AZIENDA AGRICOLA SORSASSO.

Sorsasso Domaso, ItalyUnassuming entrance. 

My husband (as usual) found Sorsasso. He said to me one evening while we were in Italy, “Hey there’s a winery just up the hill that’s also a restaurant. Do you want to make a reservation? They have a five course dinner and all their own wines.”

My response: “And what do we do with the boys?”

Our reality: Bring them.

Sorsasso Domaso, Italy

This is while knowing dinner would be at LEAST two hours long (it was four), and finding things for the boys on the menu might be tricky. It was going to be five courses of whatever the chef felt like doing. For us no problem, but internally I debated bring along pb&j just in case (I did not).

In the afternoon before our 7pm reservation we drove up to find the winery since we weren’t sure of the location. Just around the corner from our villa, we took the road that wound up switching back and forth about 600 meters. It wasn’t far, but it was going to be too far for us to walk with the boys. We planned on walking home and getting the car in the morning (because—>wine) and fortunately this plan worked out well for us. Tip: Walk up if you can, or take a taxi. Caution- the walk up is a challenge as we saw many other diners laughing, sweating and gasping once they reached the top. Of course, if you don’t drink wine go ahead and drive. But be aware parking is pretty tight.

Sorsasso Domaso, ItalyView of Lake Como from the entrance.

Once we parked in the tiny (4 space) area across from the entrance, we realized the 4s were asleep. At 7pm and a full day of exhausting lake activities- I couldn’t blame them but knew this would be tricky to make it through dinner. I was already nervous bringing kids to a winery (I had a very bad experience on my honeymoon with OTHER people’s kids) and was just hoping for the best. I needn’t have worried though- since the surroundings of the terrace kept everyone’s attention. Not to mention the food (which was delicious) and oh yes- that wine.

Sorsasso Domaso, Italy

The terrace only held about 100 people and served one intimate seating for dinner. We were given wine with every course- suggested by our lovely server, to compliment the dish. A starter of pickled pearl onions and bread. Then meats and bruschetta followed by rich risotto (made with cream and their own white wine) as well as beef filled ravioli and lastly roast beef and potato cakes. Dessert was a local and homemade sweet pastry where the adult’s portion was drizzled with Sorsasso’s own potent grappa liquor.

Sorsasso Domaso, ItalyOh that grappa tasted flammable!

We were nobody special, and yet the family at Sorsasso made us feel like celebrities with such a decadent dinner and exceptional treatment. They treated ALL of the patrons this way- and by the end of the night it was almost like a big family gathering since we had spent the entire night together, all partaking in the same experience.

Sorsasso Domaso, Italy

So what were the kids doing this entire time? Fair question. Due to the surroundings (the rock at the front of the terrace) where most of the kids played (my kids being the youngest except for a newborn) there was so much to look at they actually abandoned their Kindles which I had brought out of desperation. The server gave all of the children bottles of bubbles- and viola. The kids were able to play nearby without bothering anyone full in our sight- in the most spectacular of settings.

Sorsasso Domaso, Italy

Two things made this place stand out and will keep it in my top dinners ever: First and foremost: The people. The owners mingled with the guests all night, and the daughter- our server who was so personable and felt such love for her family’s business- you could see it in her enthusiasm and the way she spoke about their wines. Lastly, and this I’ll just leave here: At the end of the five courses for five person dinner (kids ate adult size portions free), plus all the wine we could drink: Our bill was €70.

Sorsasso Domaso, ItalyThe wines: white, rose, red and the grappa. We loved them all.

We bought an additional 5 bottles (she gave us one to enjoy that night and the other four to pick up tomorrow), and at about midnight in the dark, took a hand and (at the owner’s tip) chose a foot path down to our apartment.  He called it a ‘shortcut’ which I suppose it is, but beware! It’s only for taking on foot, and not for someone unable to walk unassisted. Well, except for two 4s and a 6.

This in itself is something I will never forget: My husband and I full and happy from dinner, walking in the pitch black with the boys but for the moon, in strange little Italian walkways that were hundreds of years old. The ground would change from rocks to cobblestones and steps- so in the boys’ minds it was all one big adventure. How we found our way I will never know- but suddenly we were all at the bottom and just had to turn the corner to our house. Ironically, I think we all were just a touch disappointed to have found it so quickly. But such is the ending to a fabulous, fabulous night.

Sorsasso Domaso, Italy

If you’re looking for lovely wines next time you’re out (wherever in the world you might be)- be sure to look for any of the Domasino: Rosato 2014 Terre Lariane IGT, Da Uve Bianche 2014 Terre Larine IGT, and/or the red Da Uve Rosse 2013 Terre Lariane IGT. All are under €20- most likely closer to €10. Photo missing of the sparkling spumante which was just as lovely!

Tremendous thanks to the family at Sorsasso for such an exceptional experience. I know we’ll most likely never have a dinner like this again- it’s impossible to even try.


Azienda Agricola Sorsasso
Via Gaggio 1/Bis
22013 Domaso

Tel: (+39) 0344 910022
Fax: (+39) 0344 910849

Nothing to disclose, all photos taken by me.

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1 Chamisa August 29, 2015 at 8:39 pm

I was hoping you’d write about this next – wow!! These kind of special serendipitous moments are part of what makes travel so awesome. And then top it off with a good experience for the WHOLE family.. amazing! I love that area of Italy/Switzerland, so this is on our list for our next visit. 🙂


2 farrah August 30, 2015 at 8:02 am

Yeah, it hit ALL the points. Chamisa I think if you guys went you would have the same experience. Such a great memory, I feel very fortunate to have had it!


3 Crysta September 2, 2015 at 4:30 am

Ah, how lovely! It is awesome that you are exposing the boys to such a wide variety of life experiences and FOODS! My daughter would have loved this space, apparently being treated like she was important by the server. 😉 Thanks for the share!


4 farrah September 16, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Well, they weren’t exactly impressed with the food! Two of my boys are a bit picky and the third will eat anything- so it was a toss up. But, all in all a good practice experience at a very nice place with them. 🙂


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