A Tale of Two Holidays: Hallstatt & Domaso Coming Soon

by farrah on August 11, 2015 · 1 comment

Whew- so we’re home and trying to regroup. I’d say that by today (Tuesday) we’re mostly there, which is good since my sister and her family arrive today! I wanted to jot a few quick things down since it will be another bit before I can dig into the wheres, whats and all that good stuff on Hallstatt and Lake Como.

Huge appreciation and thanks to this guy- Mr. Momofthreeunder who makes our holidays happen.

For starters- we experienced two very different holidays. Hallstatt in Austria was cooler, busier, and, well, all things Bavarian. Packed with Asian tourists, I am still intrigued as to the draw of people from the far east to this region- but hey. By far and away they were the most polite fellow travelers I’ve come across as of yet. Domaso in Italy was exactly what you’d think: great food, fantastic wine, and HOT. Oh boy was it hot. As for the nationality of the tourists here- it was mostly Dutch and German, with other Italians fleeing to the north. Some Americans sprinkled in, but we stayed in a small villa and away from the hotel strips and didn’t run into too many.

All in all I really liked both apartments that we stayed in, but I LOVED the one in Domaso. I took a bunch of photos and look forward to sharing why we liked it so much, why YOU should stay there, and what to do in the area. Our most fantastic evening was our dinner out at a family run winery up the hill. We drove up, but had to walk nearly 500 meters down at MIDNIGHT! That is a fun memory the boys are still talking about.

I’d like to note that the website photos for the Villa Annamaria are quite outdated and our unit, the ‘Nelly’ was spectacular compared to what the photos indicate. With two bedrooms on the upper floor- it slept all 5 of us with B on the couch. In the main room downstairs there is a pull out sleeper sofa which would fit one adult or two kids. And two HUGE bathrooms? Unheard of in Europe. This place is a find indeed- and if we return to the area (which I hope we do) we will once again stay with Giovanni. Nothing to disclose, and all opinions are those of me and my family.

Looking forward to sharing more about it, and hope someone out there might find it useful. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of summer!



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1 Kristin August 24, 2015 at 10:18 am

I’ve never been to Italy, and now I really want to go JUST to see Domaso! Can’t wait for the update!


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