Outfittery: When A Stranger Dresses My Husband Better

by farrah on September 12, 2015 · 2 comments

I mentioned the other day on my FB page how our Outfittery box finally arrived! I’m not going to lie- I have been looking forward to what a stylist stranger would pick out for my husband as soon as I heard about this service. And nope- I’m not working for Outfittery, a link affiliate, being compensated, etc. This is just because it’s fun and pretty nice to see my husband so spiffed up in these stylish clothes. Plus he’s a really good sport to model for me.

Ok, so here’s what was in the box:

Outfittery stashShoes: Bugatti €70, Coat: Esprit €80, Blue shirt: Homme Isco €50, Belt: Jack & Jones €25, Jeans: Lee €90, Grey sweater: Esprit €30, White shirt: Homme Two Henry Nesta €50, Red sweater: Jack & Jones €35, Chinos: Tom Tailor €70.

We decided to keep the belt (seen on the jeans), blue shirt, grey sweater, and red sweater. We’re still on the fence with the shoes as we both like them and their price is very reasonable. The jacket was ok- but unnecessary as we have a coat buying problem in this house (way too many). The white shirt looked too night-clubby and we didn’t like the transparent material. The jeans were Lee brand and €90. They looked ok, but I didn’t want to be paying that much for good old American jeans over here. The brown chinos looked good from the back (but the belt was too small- came with the pants) however were a bit tight across the front, so those are going back too.

The items they sent us were in the price range we set- it goes much higher than this! I’m tempted to one time set the max price ranges just to live like a RHONJ or something. Also because seeing my husband in €700 jeans would be hilarious. I have no idea if they have €700 jeans but I would not be surprised. European men dress very, very well over here and like their fancy brands. Personally I like Jack & Jones only because I bought one of their sweatshirts on sale since it said “est. 1975” and I too was established in 1975.


Thoughts? Would your husband be down with something like this? I have to say- I’m pretty impressed and like the personal note, free shipping and free return (included packing slip). 

UPDATE* Per the discussion on my blog’s Fb page Saturday- we’re wondering if a) there is a service like this for women here in Europe and b) what other subscription services are available in the US. I found this article which lists 8 of them in the US. Bombfell looked the most interesting to me. Except for the cheesy tagline on their home page. Also I found this article naming 20 fashion e commerce sites to watch in Europe which lists a few (also read the comments as people add more). Sadly, I didn’t find a site for women’s subscription clothing. 

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1 Kay September 17, 2015 at 9:25 am

Wooo! Andy is looking nice!! I may have to check it out for my husband, too.


2 Paul November 10, 2015 at 7:41 pm

Maybe, just maybe there is a silver lining: What about ASOS? Sure enough they sell all the main brands and their ‘knock off’ brand ASOS. They sell their products all over the world, and yes, they transport via DHL. Transport is free from orders over €50.

And here is the kicker: No credit card needed, just your Dutch bank via IDEAL.


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