What’s Been Going On: October

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It has been a wild October. I think that ever since I had the boys back in October of 2010 it has been the most insane month of the year for my family. We tend to realize this as Halloween (should) roll around that woah! where has the time gone? Suddenly my favorite month is over and all I can do is sit back and tell myself- I should really write this down for us to reread someday and remember how crazy life used to be. Because I know it won’t always be like this.



We started the month with my trip to Colorado. It was a whirlwind to be sure (Thurs-Sunday)- and I was back and forth so quickly I never really adjusted to the time difference. I was honored to be at Justin’s wedding, and to spend quality time with Kelly. She’s doing so well- it was good for my soul to see her and laugh like we hadn’t missed a beat. It has sucked to be this far away while she has undergone chemo (to say the least), but now with one treatment to go the light is near. All I can think about it when I can see her again.


I came home on a Monday morning and had Tuesday to recover. I was tired- bone tired, but I had to get myself geared up for our visitors from Detroit. I had been looking forward to this visit for a long time- as Marilyn is an old friend of mine from my single days renting space in her upper flat before I met my husband. We have a unique relationship- she being exactly 30 years my senior, I call her my LandMother with good reason. I became very close to her and her son and they met my husband basically the same time that I did. So we go back- and as far as I am concerned, they were around when my life really took off.

Throughout their week-long visit we were blessed with good weather so we took full advantage of the luxury to walk all over in the sunshine. We stopped at cafes, the La Trappe brewery, popped into Rotterdam and drank bottle after bottle of red wine like we did back in the good old days. Marilyn and Matt had never really known my boys- and it thrilled me that they were genuinely smitten with the trio. As any parent can tell you- it is a true joy to hear people gush over how wonderful your kids are- and mean it. I love that they love my kids- and vice versa.


They left on a Wednesday, and the following day I had the boys’ fifth birthday party at school and the play place. I went to bed early the night before and tried to prepare as best I could. Additionally- (much to my own surprise) I made it back to the gym that morning which I had missed. Thursday the 15th came around and I was running to and fro from 8am until 8pm. Oh was I tired.


We had Friday to relax, and Saturday kicked it up again. We headed to The Hague to drop the boys with my friend Megan for the night while my husband and I went to Amsterdam. He had the marathon on Sunday (yesterday)- and I was thrilled with how well it went for everyone. The boys had fun (alas, not without some drama), my husband ended the race with a spectacular PR, and I quite enjoyed myself in the cheering section.

Ready for vacay

Today it’s back to school and a week of normalcy before our upcoming trip to Turkey. I won’t say that I’m not a bit nervous with all that is going on there right now- but we are paying close attention to the traveler alerts- and where we’re going is far from the last attack. I know I can never guarantee anything when it comes to stuff like this- but at the same time we’re also not afraid to live life and enjoy it.

Doing it all over again

Thus, my silence from my little blog. I hope to come back to it again- reflect upon the trivial things of day-to-day life- and make good on the promises I have made to ship things, write things,  and join things in the meantime. I can’t help it. October was made to drive me crazy. November will be pretty crazy with work trips to the US and China for my husband, as well as two more visitors from the States. My WonderWoman cape is around here somewhere- I just need to find it.

Meanwhile I finally stopped and listened to this fantastic song by First Aid Kit. At first it made me think of Kelly, but then I realized- it’s an anthem for me too. I won’t take the easy road, and keep on keepin’ on.

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