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by farrah on February 2, 2016 · 0 comments

Holy cow people- am I in love. A few weeks ago I saw my friend Amanda share a link to the site called It’s a family travel website that specializes in finding hotels for – yep- families with more than two kids! Those of us with those pesky twins + 1 or (you go mom) 3 singletons (or more) know that searching for a hotel (on a budget) is a tricky thing. Many places don’t allow 5 people in a room. Family rooms can be hard to find. Thus—- (sound the trumpet): which is apparently the answer to our prayers.


I’ve said before that I like using apartments, etc when we travel because of this very number conundrum. However, I’m currently on the hunt for a place in London for one single night- and to be honest, we don’t need a whole apartment. Plus it would be kind of nice to have breakfast made by someone else. But those of you that have been to London know- it ain’t cheap.

So today I’m making all the inquiries on the Sleeps5 list- hoping that they have a room for us available next week because I learned about a Star Wars exhibit only at the Madame Tussauds¬†London location.

Of course.

Since we’re off from school due to Carnaval, and pops can escape for a couple of days- we decided to pack up the car for a last-minute¬†6 hour-adventure over to the Dark Side. I’m thrilled to say that we scored a hotel room for under 80 pounds including breakfast for the night. Look out London! or, should I say ‘Look kids! Big Ben!‘ hahah. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Ps- Sandy and her team at Sleeps5 have a terrific list of hotels in North America, British Isles, Europe North, Europe South and a few other cities and I’d bet more are going to be added all the time.

I’m looking forward to adding a button on my sidebar for Sleeps5 since it’s Ritter Family Approved and hopefully will be able to help others in a similar traveling boat.

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