Spring Travels & Some News

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Seriously, it has been almost TWO MONTHS since I last wrote anything? Unreal. Well, I shouldn’t say that since I look guiltily at the computer on an almost daily basis and say ‘I really should….’ but I don’t. I don’t read blogs anymore- hence I don’t write them either. I’ve basically eliminated almost all blog feeds from the FB feed, and honestly just don’t care anymore what people are saying. I’m sure that makes me a terrible person. Oh well. This is 40 y’all and I don’t give a damn!

dressThis was a pretty cool thing to see in the Texel museum!

Ok, so since probably only my children, family and few close friends are reading this I can cut the frilly crap about ‘family togetherness’ and get into what our spring holidays were REALLY like. (Seriously boys, you did not make travel at this time in our lives the most awesome thing ever, contrary to what you might believe).

The trips were good, but by the end of the second week of the May vakantie we were done trying to make them happy, time-out the bickering, or force them enough healthy food to live.


Ibiza for me

ibizaaaah…. Ibiza! 

My second trip to Ibiza and it did not disappoint. I went with my friend Amy who is a new-ish expat here in the NL. We arrived, the weather was fabulous, we slept late, went to an empty Formentera, and finally saw the (meh) Hippy Market. We stayed at THB Los Molinos and had a spectacular sea view room. Not just the sea, but the pool too. It was a fantastic room and I know you must specify ‘sea view’ when you’re booking, otherwise your view is the street. Breakfast buffet was amazing, and the pool was gorgeous. Don’t bring the kids though- since it’s adults only, but you’ll get such a good nights’ sleep you won’t care they’re being spoiled by the grandparents.

Texel with friends


We had been wanting to get to Texel since first learning about it a year or so ago. It’s a beautiful FLAT FLAT FLAT island off the north west coast of the NL. We arrived on a ferry with our car and quickly drove to our family villa in De Cocksdorp. Was this house ever perfect for two families! Our unit had a private yard, an upstairs (where my family slept) with own bathroom, and a downstairs where our friends slept and had their own bathroom. The villa itself is basically new- super clean and in a terrific location. It even has its own restaurant with trampolines that the boys would not leave alone. Great spot in such a unique part of the NL, I highly recommend going to see the famous lighthouse, eat at Paal 9 on the beach, and maybe check out a whisky tasting like my husband did (thanks Paul for the rec!).  You can’t not go to the Texel beer brewery and pick up a case of their summer beer: Skuumkoppe which I tried the entire week to pronounce correctly (and almost got it).

Legoland at the home of Lego

legoThe Legoland view

My husband and I were really excited to keep this as a surprise for the boys since we made the reservation months prior. To them, the idea of Legoland is bigger than Disney. We knew they’d freak out- which they did- but I think they were on holiday overload and just wouldn’t relax and enjoy it. Everything was a meltdown or a tantrum if things didn’t go their way. And when you have three ways to go with only two adults to GO, then there’s gonna be trouble. BUT— the boys loved it- they had a great time and I have to say for someone who doesn’t really like theme parks (too crowded, too expensive, too… MUCH everything) I thought that this Legoland was perfect for our age range (5&7). The park was small, the lines were short- and the weather was awesome. This of course, was early on in the season- so it might be more hectic as time goes on.

We stayed in the Legoland hotel with a room overlooking the park. I highly recommend this- because it’s a great view and you really feel like you’re IN the park the whole time. Our Lego room had Legos (of course), a complimentary Pixel for each kid, a lovely bathroom, comfy beds and a tv. It was big enough for all of us and we could open the wide, wall-length window shades to be immersed in all the Lego glory possible. This was our first trip to Denmark- and for being just 7 hours away- the drive was actually not the worst.

One awful stop


So that leads me to mention our awful (ahem, MY awful) choices in Hamburg. Since we got home from Texel on a Friday, we decided to leave the next day for Hamburg (half way to Legoland). At this point we were a bit travel weary and just wanted to have a good dinner and a long sleep before driving the next morning 3 hours. Well. Unfortunately I didn’t know that there’s a red light district in Hamburg (where we stayed) AND bonus annual May-day demonstrations in the streets (also where we stayed). I wrote up a review on their Trip Advisor page, so I don’t feel like getting into it here- but just in case: DO NOT GO to Reeperbahn area in Hamburg and think it will be fine. It won’t. I never want to return to Hamburg because of it.

This will easily be the ‘oh yeah kids, remember that time we stayed in a war zone-esque area of Germany?’ story of their youth. They hung out the windows watching cavalry riot police in riot gear monitoring the demonstrators as they marched past our hotel and the revelers below in the disco? bar? sincerely GNFs.

And the news

Well, this isn’t really news to anyone but family wanting us to move back: My husband has agreed to extend another year! Currently we were scheduled to end this (second) expat contract in May of 2017, but, being as we are still so in love with the NL and Oisterwijk- he worked out another year to be here living the life until May 2018. We still have no idea what will happen next, where we will go, nada. But we’re so happy with the school and our friends, our house- all of it, we didn’t want to go. Our landlord was also really cool with us staying which of course makes it easy. That’s not to say if something out-of-this-world showed up on his employment radar we would’t go- we probably would. But for now at least this is comforting for us all since when life is good you kind of want to keep it that way.

So that’s about it on this end. We’re getting ready to head to the States next month for my brother’s wedding and a Target fix, see Kelly (who is doing AWESOME btw and just passed her scan cancer free!) and run ourselves ragged for a week. Then it’s back to school until late July and THEN! Two weeks in Tuscany. I cannot wait.

Hopefully be back to write sooner rather than later- and thanks for reading!

I’m much more active on my The Three Under FB page (where I do not pimp my blog, but I do share random stuff) and Instagram @Momofthreeunder.

All photos taken by me.

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