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by farrah on November 8, 2016 · 2 comments

A funny thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my first child- as I suspect it’s pretty common for ‘funny things’ to happen to pregnant women: I couldn’t watch my favorite TV show anymore. More accurately, I couldn’t stomach Dexter, the good-guy serial killer story that my husband and I had been watching for the previous few seasons. Something feels familiar here…..

tweetSpeaks volumes that no matter who you support you can relate. 

Like much of the world- I think we’re all pretty much thinking the same way about this election. I woke up this morning- and my usual routine over the past few weeks has been to check (in order) the Top News, my email. and lastly my Facebook feed. With a growing sense of doom, however, I have wanted to look at FB less and less. I’m sure you know what I mean- it can’t be just my feed that has grown darker and uglier the past few weeks. It’s not a good way to start the day. But I guess we’ve gone too far now for simple Tasty food videos, right?

So today, before I deleted the FB app from my phone, it made me crack a smile to see that there are people in my feed- who I have witnessed disagreeing over politics in my posts– share the exact same photo (above). There’s some unity for ya.

We all hate this. We do. And if you don’t, then, uh, I think there might be something wrong with you.

It is no major revelation that this has been the ugliest, most disturbing campaign that many of us have ever seen. What’s worse though, is that the ugliness of the campaign has seeped into its’ supporters. It has made them seem a bit more shifty. A little more intolerant. Less compassionate. Openly hateful.

It depresses me to go on so I won’t.

At this point it doesn’t even matter which candidate you support as the language and tone has reached such a pitch that everything sounds horrible. Even the green party supporters I have in my feed are liking, commenting and sharing things with a sharp edge that makes me weep for the American people.

How on earth can the US heal after this? How can we ever be seen as a UNITED States again?

I’m more terrified at the thought of moving back there now than I was after the Sandy Hook school shooting. I remember clearly following that nightmare with an absolute terror that someday I was going to have to send my children to a school in the US where this could happen. Now I’m sitting here thinking that someday I am going to have to move back there where my neighbors are open racists, misogynists, homophobes or worse. They’ve been emboldened by this campaign and hate has been made perfectly acceptable to feel, show and spew.

I can’t do it. I can’t see how people can come together after this. I have to admit to giving the old side-eye to ‘friends’ of mine after the things I’ve seen them like or react to on Facebook. It’s like really? You know whatever you do everyone sees- so just by liking something you’re telling the world I SUPPORT THIS, but you can’t necessarily be called out for it.

I was telling someone yesterday that all the way around the two main candidates yes, are awful. But (individually) they are one person. ONE person. No matter who sits up there in the White House they aren’t going to have a magic wand and make all of their wishes come true (did we not learn this from the past 8 years?).  The problem is that there are MILLIONS of people now out there running around with agendas and ugliness in their hearts and minds who want nothing more than to spread it. A very real cancer has come home to roost my friends, and it’s among you. It looks like you. It lives by you.

That’s a more terrifying thought than anything Dexter ever showed me.

It doesn’t matter who wins because we all have lost. 

I have no answers because I cannot see how the inevitable division of the people isn’t going to happen. I’ve seen videos of people saying ‘THERE WILL BE REVOLUTION’. Now, of course a revolution is a frightening idea- sometimes it’s necessary, or maybe sometimes, in cases like this it seems… extreme. Do we really need a revolution? As you know, most in history were pretty bloody and a lot of people were killed. So, uh, think about what you’re saying.

And if that’s cool with you I hope to god you’re never my neighbor.

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1 Jennifer November 8, 2016 at 11:32 am

I just realized that the terror warning we heard so much about over the weekend might actually be a domestic terrorism threat.

During both of the last elections, I feared what may happen if a certain side won, but my biggest fear at that time was changes to immigration rules. This time has been different. I have been actively searching for Canadian opportunities for my husband so that we might be able to get away from it.

The funny thing is that we always said we’d just move back to Europe if things ever went the way they are going. But thanks to the same thing happening in the U.K. too this year, we can’t even do that anymore either. It’s an unsettling feeling, knowing that your backup plans are no longer an option when you are now facing a very real need for them.


2 Kristin November 9, 2016 at 1:05 am

Despair not! The people spewing hate are a minority, which is why they are so vitriolic. And the media has been obsessed with delving into and spotlighting certain viewpoints — the clickbaity ones.

Also, I don’t agree that both candidates are horrrid. I may not agree with all that HRC has done or will do, but she is a qualified, competent, smart, sane, and hard working person who will be ready — who has been ready — to lead.

I also have to disagree that it doesn’t matter who wins. It matters a lot for many people. The LGBTQ community, poor women, those who believe climate change is manmade, immigrants and their families (who are terrified), reproductive rights, minorities who want to be treated as 5/5ths of a person, those who want bank reform and a SCOTUS that will overturn Citizens United (the court case which began with slander and libel against HRC), and anyone who believes the Voting Rights Amendment needs to be fully reinstated.

Long story short, I’m looking forward to having a President-elect in the AM of whom I can be proud. And I believe that the vast majority, no matter who got their vote, are good people and will work to make the USA even greater.


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