It’s Time Again… To Plan 2017 Travels

by farrah on January 3, 2017 · 4 comments

January is where it’s at for travel planning. My husband and I try to lock down our ‘big’ holiday in the summer- since bookings are fast and fierce when it comes to availability. Europeans don’t fool around- most of the time it seems friends of ours have their trip booked 6-12 months in advance, and with good reason! A safe bet is a safe bet for them- whereas we love a safe bet (knowing it’s a great place) but also trying to cram it all in before our time is up.

Dear Santa…Please bring us travel.

With this being most likely our last full year in Europe- that means we have to get the calendar out and start penciling in- while at the same time be ready to book and get it down in ink. Our last summer? Gah! How could we top that?! I still am dreaming of last year in Tuscany and how absolutely perfect that holiday turned out. Man we scored on that one.

Where to then…

My family has gotten a bit verbal (meaning my kids) on the where this year, and with good reason. They feel that Spain is on their must-see list. Partly because their selfish parents have been there four times alone and their mom has been there twice solo. NOT FAIR MOM! They want to try to find Sinterklaas on the beach. We’re talking about a possible May holiday there this year because we love the Costa Brava region so much and still have yet to see Barcelona.

My husband is training for a triathlon and the location is still tbd. He has been eyeing one in Scotland and another in Hungary. Either way we’re 100% behind him and trying to help him with his training. He will most likely go with his uncle who is also an Ironman and that’s ok with us since we’ve already been to Scotland and we don’t have time with school breaks for Hungary.

For my own personal wish-list, I have Corsica. I’ve had this elusive dream to see it for over ten years now- no idea why. We’ve been talking about how we might be able to squeeze it in if we go to Spain over the summer holiday, but that’s still up in the air. It isn’t logistically easy for us to get there, we have to incorporate a ferry ride that’s like 12 hours or something because flying there is a small fortune plus we don’t want to get stuck without a car.

We’d love to go on our summer holiday with our friends this year and Croatia is really tugging at ye olde heartstrings. A friend of mine lives there (the famous Mrs. Chasing the Donkey) who is THE travel expert on all things Croatia, and that darned Anthony Bourdain episode stole my heart when I first saw it a couple of years ago. The big dilemma here is drive or fly- which is what’s holding us back. There’s no doubt we’d stay on the coast- but in what kind of accommodation is the dilemma.

Then there’s the promise I made to my father that while we were here I would go with him to Scandinavia. His father is from Finland and his mother is from Norway– so my sister and I would like to do a trip with the three of us and explore that region. The timing on this one is iffy though- because I have this idea that it’s cold and I can’t have it overlap with our summer trip. Plus it’s hard for me to get away for too long while the boys are still in school. We need to first nail down the summer dates and then I can look more into that trip- but considering we want to go with another family over the summer, that involves more schedules and planning. Hence, I’m dragging my feet probably driving my dad and sister crazy.

If money and time were of no object, my wish list would also include: Romania, Montenegro, Portugal, Cape Verde, Iceland and if freaking Egypt didn’t scare the bejesus out of me with the instability of their government, I’d love to see the pyramids. I have admired the photos of the exceptional Monique White at An Unstoppable Journey as she was recently in Egypt and sent my jealousy level off the scale.

I still need to sit down and write up our 2016 review in travel considering I totally fell off the wagon this year- but I need a quiet house and for that to happen I need these kids back in school. Soon! Soon!

Got some inspiring summer plans??? DO TELL!



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1 Ann January 4, 2017 at 12:50 am

My word for this year is connect (it was going to be adventure) – and part of this means connecting to nature. So, we’re taking advantage of our time in America and doing as many national parks (and specifically junior ranger programs) as we can considering the crappy vacation time, high-cost-airlines-that-make-us-drive, and other obstacles.


2 farrah January 7, 2017 at 9:30 am

I have to say I’m looking forward to our trips in the US- my husband and I agreed that we’ll either buy or rent an RV and do some of the western states like Wyoming and Utah. I think you’d love it out there Ann! I miss it very much.


3 Agness of eTramping July 26, 2017 at 2:23 pm

Croatia seems like a great summer destination! Did you choose flying there or to go by car? I believe it is a great country for a road trip!


4 farrah July 29, 2017 at 10:45 am

We’re going to fly. We’ve ended up planning a short trip in September because my husband is going to run in a half-Ironman. I’ve been really really wanting to think about a fall break week long road trip in the Balkans though. My husband’s idea- I would love for it to happen!


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