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If you’re coming to visit the Netherlands, there’s so much more to see than the ‘big three’ (Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Den Hague). There’s a world of distinct provinces in this country- and I guess I’ll show my bias in saying that Brabant (specifically North Brabant) is my favorite. Finally there’s a B&B right in the center- comfy enough for family and friends at Heerlyck Oisterwijk.

Grandparents & guys at the B&B.

With a location that can’t be beat, Brabant is a springboard to the north and south- as well as Europe overall with the awesome Eindhoven airport. After almost five years of living here, I can honestly say we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the Netherlands. My husband can attest to the fact that when people ask him where we live and he says ‘Oisterwijk’- people always say ‘Ooh, mooi! Oisterwijk is known as ‘The Pearl of Brabant!”. We’ve got great shops, terraces and cafes, and the Efteling is in the town next door.

Where to stay

Thoughtful details.

The thing that has always kind of surprised me is that for such a well-visited area, there aren’t that many hotels not to mention B&Bs for its guests. The forest has a few hotels- which are lovely, but in all honesty a bit out of the center so you’d better make sure you get a bike. Our new find has been a quaint one-a luxury apartment B&B named Heerlyck Oisterwijk right in the center that just finished construction earlier this year.

A big, comfy bed is exactly what you need when you’re traveling.

With the B&B just a few meters from our house- the wheels were turning. We love hosting visitors but it’s not always the most comfortable sleeping arrangement. My father came to visit this spring, my husband’s uncles after that, and then most recently my in laws. While the daily visiting, activities and eating out are fun- the night-time arrangements are less than ideal- especially in the unpredictability of a Dutch summer (could be hot! could be cold! you never know!) in a home without air conditioning and bedrooms on a stuffy second floor. Not to mention kids who like to get up REALLY early.

Thus, when the uncles came to visit they stayed several days in the forest, then all went to Luxembourg for a triathlon. When they returned they only had one night left- so I suggested they try the new B&B right down the street. The location was super convenient, and I have to say- I was really really curious to see the inside after all of that construction.


The owner Ruud built the apartment himself over six months- he’s a kind and courteous man with a genuine desire to make his guests feel comfortable. His taste in decor is superb, he has the Dutch minimalist look down perfectly. Cozy, ‘gezellig‘, clean and comfortable- the large luxe one-bedroom is complemented by enough space to have a private living area (with sofa and tv), kitchen and shared terrace.

Living area: cable tv, sleeper-sofa, books & beverages.

My in-laws said that the bed was perfect and the location quiet even though you’re so close to the center. It felt private, safe and definitely big enough for the two of them. They were a bit confused at first by the open shower which is separate from the ‘wc’ but my mother-in-law said it grew on her.

Bedroom vanity (shower on left, separate wc on the right).

Our uncles stayed here in May- and while my in-laws did not take the breakfast part of the Heerlyck Oisterwijk , Uncle Jeff said it was fantastic with a sampling of fresh fruit and more than the two of them could eat.

Full kitchen essentials! Rare find in a B&B.

Overall, it was a blessing to have such a perfect home away from home so close by. My relatives could have some space and sleep later than my children like to rise, but also be close enough that trips back and forth weren’t a big deal. I wholeheartedly recommend Heerlyck Oisterwijk to visitors of Oisterwijk and encourage people to experience the charm of the village we have called home these past few years.

Sincere thank you to Ruud for his hospitality!


Connect & Visit

  • You can learn more about Heerlyck Oisterwijk here. 
  • Ruud speaks perfect English, feel free to send him a message.
  • Check out his rates & pricing info here as well as his packages and info on bike rental.
  • The apartment sleeps 4, and kids under 2 stay free.

I’m always happy to offer advice to visitors of Oisterwijk! There is an easily accessible train station right in the center as well as public parking. Send me a message if you’re thinking of popping through and I can direct you to the best terrace in town, tell you where to rent a bike, and how to get to the forest.

Added to Great Places To Stay recommendations.

Disclosure: We received a media rate for the duration of our relatives stay at Heerlyck Oisterwijk. Photos taken by me.

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1 Jane July 22, 2017 at 3:08 pm

Farrah, you captured exactly how we felt about our visit! Having the B&B so close was wonderful. Next visit will include some breakfasts for sure. After reading the comments from other guests, It sounds great.


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