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We’ve made some progress in the past few weeks! Anyone who has moved knows that this can be one of the longest drawn-out processes they’ll every endure, and our situation is no different. Considering I am one of the most impatient people I know, I’m surprised I haven’t had a nervous breakdown as of yet.

To catch things up to speed, we are in the process of waiting for the house sale to close. After months (FOUR MONTHS) of stalking four different real estate websites online- I can finally delete those apps and unsubscribe from the emails. Whatever kind of weird carpal-tunnel thing I’ve caused in my right hand due to all that swiping and scrolling of houses can die. WE FOUND A HOUSE!

Initially, our ‘dream house’ was old. Ok, maybe I should say ‘my’ instead of ‘our’. I had this idea in my head that moving to a small village in New York east of Rochester would find us living in a charming old farmhouse dating back to the 1850s. And while that was actually a very real possibility- in the end I think we all *ahem, I* realized that we just aren’t those kind of people who can buy/renovate/live in and maintain such a house as that.

But boy are those old homes pretty. One of my favorites made it to the top 4 but it got an offer and a pending sale the week before my husband arrived to do the house hunting. I sort of took it as a sign too. I had my doubts about our ability to live with antiquated heating, lack of a basement and questionable decorating skills. I admit it was actually a relief that it was no longer an option.

Once he arrived (last Thursday during an insane windstorm here in the NL) he only had 7 of the initial 10 houses left to see since one went pending while he was in flight. The thing that killed me during all of this is that these homes had been sitting on the market–some for months, and they were JUST NOW getting offers? The universe was being quite unfair in my opinion- but the optimist in me also tried to reason that it just meant that wasn’t our house.

Thus by the time my husband landed he had numerous frantic emails and messages from me (did you know you can WhatsApp and use FB messenger now on those flights?) that he had ignored missed shrieking that yet another one had sold out from under us. Yeah, welcome to the world of a low inventory/hot real estate market!

Since Thursday was a travel day (and a delayed one at that due to aforementioned NL winds) he met up with my sister who gallantly offered to help him in my absence, later that evening in NY. Well, considering she is a realtor in her own right- personally designed and built two homes of her own and gone through this process at least twice- her assistance was worth its weight in gold vs. my hysterical panicking. This is nothing new, and surprises no one that my husband was probably really really glad for her instead of me in the first place.

Friday they had about ten houses to see with our real estate agent- but as of that morning another two were pending and they were adding on others in their place. I, being six hours ahead spent the entirety of Friday glued to my phone and laptop making frantic last minute requests and notes. I waited for updates- going through the house listings online the same time that they would be seeing them. I harassed both my sister and my husband for updates. This was the end of my four months of research- and I was invested and excited to say the least.

One house had popped up on Thursday night that I suggested they see- and it turned out to be THE one. My sister had sent me video walkthroughs of our favorites (boom, another offer eliminated a contender) and we were only down to a couple. My husband insisted there was no reason to panic as he would be back in Feburary- but I knew this house wouldn’t last, and pushing the hunt into Feb jeopardized the timing of the close and our arrival. I really hoped that he would find one this trip but it wasn’t an end of the world scenario if he didn’t. We all just really really wanted him to find IT.

So we talked on Friday and he told me how much he liked that house. We decided to make an offer if after he returned to the top 3 the following day he still felt as strongly. I could tell the way my sister spoke that it was also her favorite- and that made me worry we’d lose it. A jinx and all that…

But the following day it was still there- being on the market only a day or so- and boy was it getting traffic. My husband said people were there when he arrived to tour and were also showing up when they were leaving. It sounded like a revolving door and that made me think competition. I didn’t want a bidding war- I didn’t have it in me after four months to go down to fighting with strangers over a material thing. But somehow- our offer was the first one, some negotiating took place and lo and behold they accepted it.

Yesterday was the inspection, and from here the paper party commences. Things need to be signed and forms need to be filled out. Fortunately since I’ve been looking into the areas for so long- I feel a little familiar with the people and the area even though I’ve never been there. It just so happens that an expat friend of mine who lives in France is from this village (pop. 1500) and my friend’s husband grew up nearby. I knew the schools and which districts are know to be the best. I reached out to a couple of people and talked to them about the Dutch presence in the area (unfortunately basically zero). I’ve emailed the principal and read the town websites- I feel really good about this place.

Now we wait. I’m doing little things here and there to ready the house here and shed our belongings. I am making plans to host an ongoing ‘rummelmaart’ in the coffee room to sell the lamps and other random electronics we won’t be taking due to voltage reasons. We did decide to take a container back (we did not bring one here) so there’s no stress about what we can or cannot take. Basically we are going to take it all except the cheaper Ikea stuff (boys beds, an ottoman, a chair) so I can set up shop with our Dutch living room in the new house’s finished basement.

I’m not a mess, I’m not freaking out- yet. I still haven’t come to terms with what ‘leaving’ will entail- but I believe that we have no regrets at this time. We’ve done everything we wanted to do. We’ve seen so much and lived so well that for those with the nomadic gene we’re ready to nomad again. The hard part will be leaving our friends, and Oisterwijk in general. I don’t think our neighbors will miss us much after they see the container blocking the street when we move, but oh well. I will always think of them fondly!



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1 Kristin January 29, 2018 at 11:26 am

“We’ve seen so much and lived so well that for those with the nomadic gene we’re ready to nomad again.“

You certainly have! I still remember your first few posts about the cycling and moving in to a much smaller space. Good luck with the living room sales!


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