Five Months Later…

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I’m afraid to even look at what my last post is about. I honestly don’t remember and the only reason I’m posting here now is because in the past week two people have reached out to me professionally though my site. So, I guess I’d better have something relevant and up to date to say- no?

So. Here we are- five months later. Seriously? FIVE MONTHS?! Crap! What were you doing five months ago? Doesn’t seem that far away does it? Well apparently there’s a lot of that going around because I cannot believe it has been that long, but yet not that long ago. Half of me is suspended in expat-repat la la land and the other half jumped in head first back into the swing and then some. 

To begin, the boys are doing fine. Good. Great, actually. They’ve taken like the cliched ducks to water when it comes to the local public school we chose. I like the teachers and the location- the high standards and my comfort level with their classroom sizes. It’s basically everything I had hoped for and the opposite of everything I feared. Score! We miss our friends and playdates are weird and complicated to arrange, but we manage. It’s all about getting used to it.

My husband is also doing great. He’s so happy to be back amongst his people where he feels the most himself and the most natural. He’s a great traveler, but a creature of habit and a lover of similar creatures. I find that he pipes up to complete strangers with a friendly comment or commiseration (if he’s talking about U of M football hahahah!) from the Wegman’s parking lot to some random restaurant. He’s comfortable again and I don’t feel that sense of high-strung tension with him. It’s not that it was ever bad- but he was definitely not the most casual Joe in a sea of strangers.

Myself- I’m fine. If my people are happy- I’m happy. Life is easy living without using Bableshot or Google Translate on the regular. I miss my friends, I miss traveling by myself and being Me Against The World, but it’s ok. I’ve found that my love of helping people has paid off in that two companies have hired me as an independent contract employee assisting with expats and relocations. I love it. Additionally I really enjoyed volunteering at the hospice house but I haven’t quite made my way back there since we just started school last week.

There’s this crazy wine region in the Finger Lakes (where we are) that I had no idea existed. It ain’t Tuscany or Napa- but darn it if I won’t enjoy it. My best friend is coming this weekend and I hired a driver company to drive us around to as many wineries as we can cram into 4-5 hours (using my car to keep the cost low). I had a taste of it a few weeks ago when my husband and I escaped for a weekend birthday celebration at a nearby casino resort. We went to a few breweries and a winery or two and were really impressed. I look forward to the weekend of canvassing my new stomping grounds!

It’s still exciting to be in a new place with so much to see and explore. We’ve never been here- I’ve never seen NYC, nor have the boys. It’s all still new even if it’s the US of A. Which, incidentally is pretty crazy politically these days but there are also many sane people to be found as well.

I happen to really dig Rochester and hope to become an expert on the area soon. I think it has so much potential- and reminds me quite a bit of the now super-trendy Greenville, SC area where we lived a lifetime ago. The sunsets are beautiful and with the fall colors I’m seeing some of the best that’s around. I’m not homesick –yet. But who knows how long that will take, if at all, again. Maybe I was born to be a nomad. One thing’s for sure- the size of my washer and dryer is still the best thing EVER.

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