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Us. October 2010 when the twins were four days old.

So…this is the ‘about me’ part, eh?

I’m Farrah Ritter and as the name of my blog suggests- a Mom of Three. The ‘under’ is because I couldn’t call it ‘TheThreeUnderTwo’ which was what they were when I started my blog. Today I have three boys ages 6, 5 & 5. We’ve all grown and changed a bit over the past few years- including this website. I used to write about my overwhelmed parenting moments- but now it’s a little more than that. Besides talking about myself, my guys and where we go- I discuss some of the stuff that we love and use.

As of January 2016, I no longer write for brands, companies or travel outlets. I do not offer any advertising and like to think that my little hobby of documenting our journey might also be helpful to someone out there in the same shoes. I also no longer broadcast blog entries on other social media platforms (including BlogLovin), so if you want to keep up with blog posts- best way is to email subscribe. You can do that on the homepage.

What’s ‘The Three Under’ all about? We’re expats in the Netherlands. We are originally from Michigan but moved to South Carolina after we 2were married in 2006. We moved here in early November of 2012 and are thrilled to experience a completely new adventure as an expat family living in the small village of Oisterwijk. My blog is a documentation of our life as a twins + 1 family living in Europe, trips and experiences that we endure (ha!) together. I write for our friends and relatives back home and people like us with little kids who enjoy traveling.

Our life is crazy and not what we expected- but it’s exciting and we look forward to what is ahead.

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