Family Travel Tips

We have a few tips in our suitcase for when we go on a journey together. Some seem like common sense- and others might be new to you. Either way, if you have one you think I might be able to use- PLEASE SHARE! I am always hoping to find something (regardless of how small) that makes our trip a little easier.

When packing in general…

  • I start on the floor and make outfits in piles for each boy and each day. I like to take things that I can mix with other things- especially since the twins can share the same size and (someday!) my hope is that all 3 will be wearing the same size in time.
  • I like to have at least 1 emergency pair (per kid) just in case. There’s nothing like having a soaking wet child in the middle of the night without anything to change him into.
  • Ziplock freezer bags (the large ones) are my favorite. I use them for pretty much anything and everything- they hold snacks, toys, wet clothes, diaper disasters, etc. I like the freezer ones because they are also the sturdiest. I keep these things everywhere and they’ve come in handy countless times.

When packing carry ons for a flight…

  • I bring lots and lots of treats and snacks. We don’t really eat much candy- so things like suckers (that last longer than say fruit snacks) give us an extra few minutes of preoccupation. Don’t feel guilty. If you’re like us- you’re just trying to survive the flight and aren’t creating bad habits that will lead your child down the path of doom.
  • Always keep my Ziplock handy with wipes and a diaper or two. Always.
  • Don’t go overboard buying ‘new toys’. I don’t have room for that junk for three kids and I don’t feel like wasting money on things that are going to take up space. Miscellaneous pads of paper, colored pencils (NOT MARKERS) and stickers are so easy, cheap and take up a small amount of space.
  • Load up the Kindle/iPad. etc with kids’ shows. We don’t watch Busytown or The Backyardagains much anymore- so it’s a treat to see the episodes during the flight. We have 2 Kindles and 1iPad= something for everyone. Because my kids don’t share and at 30,000 feet I’m not about to start into a lesson.

In the car…

  • We pack books, dinos, etc. We have more room so I am usually more tolerant of what kinds of amusements to pack.
  • Dress light for in the car and have pjs ready to change into if we’re driving at night.
  • Spill proof containers and sippy cups make the least amount of mess. Nothing with crumbs. Or syrup as I learned on our last road trip to Germany.
  • Our DVDs are ready to go when all else has failed.

I’m always looking to add and update the list! Please send me your ideas and I will be happy to give you credit or a link to your post on travel tips!